LIES OF RESISTANCE: Waiting for inspiration before you start...

An excerpt from the booklet:

I totally understand. It’s so AMAZING when you get struck by the inspiration lightning bolt and you’re almost COMPELLED to go make the thing! 

It’s a romantic idea and something that we creatives are always in the search for. 

Here’s the thing 

Most of the great artists and creatives out there with amazing works to their name? They usually also have a HUGE body of work too. Not because they get struck by lightning that many times BUT because creating is part of a routine. A habit that they DEDICATE themselves to doing almost daily.  

It can feel like you’re waiting for the Muse to take her Sweet Ass time to come GRACE you with her presence.  

And sometimes, she can be fickle like that and she DOES come and strikes you with the IDEA TO END IDEAS…. 

However, as Steven Pressfield talks about in his book: The War of Art 

The muse needs to find you working in the studio. 

Whether that’s actually in front of the easel 

Or the computer screen 

Or playing your instrument 

Or with pen in hand 

She needs to see that YOU are putting the work in - only then will she give you the gifts of inspiration. 


If you'll like to read the rest, along with 7 other lies - grab your booklet today!


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Can I just take a moment to pause & hang out with you a bit?

Just need a moment to sit in a quiet, safe place. 

Doing more videos the last few months has made me push against some serious personal discomfort.

And LOTS of vulnerability & visibility hangovers...

You know, where you just want to hide in bed and don't want to make eye contact with anyone for a few weeks...

But only by doing it

like actually start - like actually press record

DAILY in one way or other? Just getting it done?

I got it done

Did it make easier?

Having that commitment and deadline?

Not's still hard. Still lots of wanting to hide & delete my facebook page...


Pressing record IS getting easier.

And I'm learning it isn't the tech that's stopping me.
It's not the lack of knowledge or NOT KNOWING what to say.

It was forgetting HOW TO CONNECT within, to the fears - the real ones

(about worth, about failures, about losing face)

that made me hit Resistance.

Now I'm re-learning to acknowledge the distractions as excuses & sabotages.

Connect within to peel away the protection to find the inner dream again.

Working with that connection, with your fears AND dreams.

Connecting within IN ORDER TO then bring that connection outside.

To others. To share, to teach, to shine your light, your message, your heart.


Yes all that reflection can take time.

And investing that time & attention is totally worth it. 


When you JUST DIVE IN despite the fears and press record?!

You gain a tiny bit of confidence.

You gain a tiny bit of new knowledge and evidence that you CAN do it.

And yes, when the fear comes up again?

You can face it with gentleness & that new little bit of confidence helps you look at it with fresh eyes.

Eyes that see the possibility of releasing it.
Rather than your usual eyes that only sees the fears and lies as reality.


Doing it DAILY makes it hard too!

But it also makes it a practice. A habit. 

Which is just another way of saying, a system to make you do what you say you want to do without having to wait until you 'feel' like it or 'ready' to do it.

Because we all know, most days you won't!

Until, by making it a practice, you DO feel like it.

You ARE ready.

But you've also moved on to the next level and next growth for yourself, your life & your creative practice!

Wouldn't that be amazing?

You already ARE AMAZING! Just don't allow the lies of 'not ready' or 'not worthy' or all the other excuses make you forget that...

x Brenda

I share a  BONUS video inside the private Facebook Group where I walk through my WHOLE painting process - which is really my whole CREATIVE process.

Something I will be exploring with the other CREATIVITY CATALYST CLUB Members!!!

So YOU can take those concepts and apply it to the creative projects that is calling to be made. 
Or you're feeling stuck and not going anywhere with. 
There are tools to help.
There are simple yet powerful prompts to bring the FUN & FLOW back. 
There is a cycle to learn so you don't get tricked into thinking you're crazy or have lost your creativity!

So excited about the magic and synergy of creativity we will create, connect with & cultivate over 25 days! 

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I see it in their eyes... the look of delight to talk art & creativity and colours...we chat more about my creative process...ideas, callings... and they tell me about their love of beauty and inspiration.

and then there it is

the twinkle in their eyes dull just a little as they tell me how they just DON'T DO IT ANYMORE...

the thing they LOVE - painting, drawing, sewing, writing... the creativity they found SO EASY when they were younger but now they don't...

Then, the worse moments are when they visibly harden their jaws a little and say something which basically translate as

'oh well! I guess that's something I live with. it's just what we do isn't it'

Some, I can see would take too much to change that mindset. They have determined THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS.

That creativity is for people like me who are LUCKY to INDULGE in it.

(SOOO not the case! Yes, I AM blessed. But that also denies the commitment & discipline to juggle being a full time mum & freelance work & commission clients while also stepping forward in faith - day after day that I do. Even when its super scary!)

I'm not talking about those people. I smile and nod my head and occasionally I might say: Oh but you can!

Usually I don't. It's not worth the energy to argue with someone who has already decided.

No, I'm talking about those who make similar statements but there is still a little question mark in their sentence.

'Oh Well! what can you do right?!'

But I know they are actually asking: what CAN you do? What can I do?

They're also hoping for some magic words from me! Maybe even the ONE MAGIC TRICK that will help them go from wishing to DOING.

If that's you - if you're wishing AND open to changing your mind...

Maybe you're here because you'll LOVE one of my original paintings one day, but deep down it's also because they remind you of the beauty of words or jewellery that you long to write / create.

Maybe you're here because you resonate with my art and creative practice of Chaos & Connection, Intuition & Intentions.

Or the inspired word doodle drawings resonate with your heart values in their simplicity AND complexity.

Because you want to create something that also reflects your heart values in simple ways that speaks to the intricacies of who you are - embroidery? photography? life coaching?

What I would say is:

No lovely, there is no ONE magic trick.

But that's actually good news!

It means, you get to CHOOSE! You get to choose YOUR magic trick. Or tricks! You can have more than one. YOU choose your path and your way and your art.

What I DO KNOW is this:

You'll need to DECIDE & EMBRACE that you CAN do something with your creativity EVERYDAY.

That's how you invite more creativity and flow and inspiration and all that magic we are chatting about.

You'll need to ACKNOWLEDGE & ACCEPT that your creativity is like a muscle - that needs exercising and being used DAILY.

But do it in simple sustainable ways!

In ways that is more than that ONE BIG PROJECT you're hoping to do. Think of it like showering and eating, make it a habit and something you JUST DO without making it such a HUGE deal.

You'll be in a better position to work on that BIG PROJECT in a consistent and FUN flowy way when your muscles are used often.

Also You'll need to think of your creative practice like a relationship - I like to visualise the Muse as creativity that is outside me.

So I can relate and connect in that way. Also so that when I feel stuck? I can ask her for input, so the pressure isn't ALL ON ME.

Like any relationship, it needs nurturing, attention & focused time. But also, like the best relationships - it's the daily, ordinary connections.

The little touches amongst the busy routines of life and work that makes a close, loving relationship more special. Am I right?

And lastly, I would share this month's Insider Exclusive wallpaper.

these wallpapers are available in the Insider library exclusively for insider members - please sign up here to gain access. Join today as older editions are removed when new artwork is released every month)

You'll need to remember AND BELIEVE..

You are capable!

You WILL figure it out

You'll need to BELIEVE + Commit & Connect to and with your creativity

THEN? You'll create that inspired, beautiful life of creativity that the sparkle in your eye is longing for!

x Brenda

p.s Want to connect with your creativity in a way that was FUN & still FOCUSED? To have simple tools & exercises to Connect with your Creativity?

CREATIVITY CATALYST CLUB was made for you! Join a community of creatives JUST LIKE YOU to immerse in your creative practice. Have a loose structure of simple and quick prompts to explore new ideas and creative inspirations. (flexible enough to go YOUR way in YOUR timing but also still have something to lean on when it all gets too overwhelming!)




You may also enjoy what I shared for these wallpaper artwork:

The Essence of Great Art

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When It Seems Impossible

Do What You Can

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Feeling like you just never have enough time? 

That time is the missing link - the reason why you can't do the fun, joyful things you want to do. 

That you're feeling called to do - wishing to create or to finally finish!

Or just time to finish the work you HAVE to do so you can go off and relax with your knitting? With that book that's been sitting on your bedside table for half a year?

I totally get that. 

Some days I feel like I'm juggling a million things and the to do list doesn't end. It can be frustrating and I still catch myself cursing my lack of time. 

What if limited time isn't a barrier? 

What if it was the secret for your success?

What if, because of your LACK of time,
you end up having to just MAKE DO and film a short video while sitting in your car.
(Like I did yesterday after kinder drop off)

What if, you end up having to just write up that blog post, write that sales email, finish the project



Now I would totally LOVE LOVE LOVE more time to focus. 

To do the dozen other projects I have burning within me to get out. 

And knowing this season of my life - baby making & preschooler herding - I'm going to be sharing that time and focus with little people who don't understand the concept!

Yet I also know that HAVING the time doesn't always equate to USING THE TIME for the actual DOING.

But when there is a deadline, when there is 'no' time:


Instead of researching some 'better' strategies. 
Instead of looking for better tools
Instead of talking about the idea some more to 'nut out' the exact outline / steps / best path forward.

What if you used the limited time - as a blessing? 


To just creating the artwork the best you can WITH WHAT YOU HAVE...
which means what little time you do carve out.

(Ooh another story to explore - gonna #notetoself that for Creativity Catalyst)

It's a blessing because:

  • you don't get distracted by focusing on perfection - you just need to get it done as best you can.

  • you don't waste time with non-essentials - you need to get it done with what you have and that means NO FRILLS - us creatives LOVE FRILLS! We just think if we add more frills, somehow that will mean MORE people will love it too. 

    But then that perfect, beautiful frilly project?

    remains in our imagination

  • you don't get lost in doubts + fears + overthinking which usually ends up getting you stuck in overwhelm - you can't overthink when there is a deadline coming up! 

You've DECIDED to get it DONE. 

You don't have time or space to question the direction you've decided to go. 



Or just admitting to yourself - that it's NOT that you don't have the time. 

It's just not a priority for you.

You WANT & NEED to watch the new season of Games of Thrones.

Your priority is going out for dinner with your family

Your prioirity is to relax and scroll facebook as your self - care...

You honestly rather read that email/article or watch another movie.

Creativity is about expressing your heart 

Not another thing you SHOULD be doing. 

I believe if that's what you want, what you need - then go do that! 

Maybe you're burnt out and need to collect, consume & absorb more inspiration, ideas or just space to chill out so your mind & heart can recover.

To give you more energy so that you're ready to DIVE IN to creating your next project.

How can you know?

This requires you to CONNECT with yourself. 

to KNOW in your heart really, honestly, what is it that you desire?

BUT saying you want to do something MORE creative 
you 'don't have the time'? 

Reframe that to:

it's not a priority right now for me. 

If THAT rings true - then GO DO the thing that IS a priority for you.

BUT if deep down, you're still feeling that missing spark?

You're still feeling a little shy, voice saying

...but but but - I miss having fun and being creative!

I DO want to connect and do that project I keep thinking about!

I WANT TO BE the person that does these things instead of talking about it. 

I WANT TO do it and get it out there!! 

Instead of having it burn a hole in me. 

THEN you need to reframe that to:

I always have time for my priorities. 

And this feeling to explore that missing spark IS A PRIORITY FOR ME

The trick is then to USE THAT LIMITED TIME as a blessing! 

As the secret to ACTUALLY DOING IT.

Meaning, don't let it be a huge ass project.

Pick ONE SMALL STEP you can take TODAY that gets you moving forward in that direction.

Is it to cancel / postpone that movie marathon you'd agreed to?
Is it to write out 5 tools you need to get on your way home.
Is it to spend 10 minutes writing out the outline.
Is it to just gather the materials you need & spend 5 minutes starting the project... 
is it to organise a little babysitting so you can go out and attend that class 
It could be something simple like jumping in puddles & noticing that it takes 2 minutes to change you mood & mindset 

Because in order to REFRAME anything - you need your mood AND mindset to be CONNECTED

THEN using that change in energy to propel you forward to the next 5 minutes.

x Brenda

P.S Want that immersion and connection to your creativity?
 Is that the spark you're missing and wishing you had more time for?


It's 25 days of creative immersion with simple prompts and workshops to connect within to your inner creative, to your world around you that feeds that creativity & to the divine.

To God/Spirit/The Muse who, like any relationship, needs your commitment and connection in order for it to thrive. 

Think simple, fun & spontaneous activities to follow (a loose structure you can follow so you don't get overwhelmed)

Think self-reflection in journalling & mindfulness - a practice & habit that's essential to deepen your connection to your creativity for your art AND life. 

Think a community of creatives for support & encouragement - plus the collective creativity & focus will create more magic & new inspirations than you could do alone!



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Visiting my painting at my local cafe today & it was such a reminder of my painting (& creative!) practice.

I NEVER KNOW exactly what the end painting is going to look like!

Looking at them hanging on the wall, there were so many sections I LOVE but had no idea was going to end up that way.

The feeling and inspiration was there...the original intention and ideas are there...

But the exact colours? The actual brushstrokes? The ACTUAL OVERALL COMPOSITION?


Had no idea it was going to end up like that! 

(that kind of unknown and surrendering to the process is probably the HARDEST & MOST FUN part of my work!!)

So when I was wishing I could JUST KNOW what CREATIVITY CATALYST is going to be about/look like/ experience. I was starting to feel the usual doubts creep in, when starting a new project.

PLEASE God?! What is it EXACTLY?

Um Hi Muse? I get the inspiration & feeling but what will it actually LOOK LIKE?

Meaning - please please promise me it will be AMAZING/PERFECT.

Sometimes that means I wait and wait and wait for clarity - it doesn't always come.

So the project & inspiration dies.

Sometimes I push and push and demand clarity - and the artwork is nice, but the joy and spark and connection isn't quite there. Plus it makes the whole experience so hard and I start to resent my work!

Sometimes (& I'm learning how to do this better and more frequently) I remember that I only need to know the next step.

Know the intention. 
Follow the inspiration. 
Stay connected.

My paintings ALWAYS go through that process!

I have the 'structure' of the canvas boundaries.

I have the intention and feeling for the artwork I want to paint.

I have (sometimes) the colours I want to use or play with.

Then it's just a matter of stepping forward in faith, following the connection and the next step I CAN see.

Sometimes I still fall back into old habits of wishing I could see ALL THE STEPS and JUST KNOW ALREADY DAMMIT what the end picture will be like.

Which is where the stuck comes in.

Also where I might lose the momentum.

Then I lose touch with the creative connection

And then I lose the consistency with which all creative practice needs to stay in flow.

But that faith to surrender? To release the inner control freak AND inner critic? It's HARD. I know.

It's also even HARDER to find the momentum again when you let it die. 

That's why I've had to make my process simple and daily. Even in small ordinary ways. 
Even if it's just a mindful awareness to stay connected, to notice inspiration. To act on what one TINY step I can take TODAY.

To keep the flow going. To keep momentum going. 
To keep the idea garden thriving and blossoming.

So I guess what I want to say is, 

what is it in your life that you need to release and trust the creative process? 

I'm all for structure and formulas!
But you're still stuck. OR Avoiding. OR Talking but not DOING...

Do you need to just take that one step you CAN see and embrace the chaos, the lack of KNOWING ALL THE ANSWERS?

Bring some PLAY back into it? Release some of the pressure and give it room to show you the next step? 

You won't be given the next step after that UNTIL you step forward - show that you're ready, have faith and WILLING to keep going.

And step by step you'll find yourself back into flow and a masterpiece will unfold in front of you!

x Brenda

P.S That structure? That creative process of Chaotic Play with Creative Purpose? That's what CREATIVITY CATALYST IS ABOUT! (yes, the more steps forward I took. The trust in the creative process.. The clearer the picture I received of what this club is all about!)

25 day immersion so you get the CONSISTENCY & COMMUNITY because you need both to maintain the CONNECTION to creativity.

And we explore how you can express yourself with your creative practice in life & work & relationships. 
How you can make it a simple part of your day 
How you exercise your creative muscles and nurture your idea garden so you know how to get out of STUCK & Resistance when it comes.

Because it does come! It's part of the creative process! (we will explore this in the course!)

And Join Today to save $100!!

I go on maternity leave right after this course so I don't know when I'll run this immersion again - So now is the time! Today is the day!

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Feeling the doubt monster creeping over your shoulder

Feeling overwhelmed & Resistance - it's part of the creative process but it still sucks! 

Be kind. Be gentle. Find the Fun! 

Comment #CreativeFUN over on my Facebook Page if you know this feeling too well!
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I felt like making simple pancakes today for breakfast...but realised half way that I didn't have eggs in the house! 
So... facing a disappointed 3yr old who had been promised she could 'help make pancakes'

I had a choice. 

Just make our usual oats and muesli for breakfast
Somehow find and make a NEW recipe for eggless pancakes. 
I quickly scrambled to grab my phone and looked up eggless recipes.

Now I should say... I'm no cook. I suck at following recipes - I just can't get exact measurements right and a little part of me prefers to wing it!

But new recipes aren't easy for me! It's like learning a new skill. 

And the added pressure of hangry babies (both the 3yr old & the one in my belly) - there was very little margin for error. 

So I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. Not the best for sure! 
But Indy is happy AND they were edible! 
Which was the main goal!

But I got to thinking about a couple things. 


how easy it would have been to just go back to our usual breakfast. 
Doing what we always do.
Blame the lack of something so that meant I couldn't follow my plan perfectly - so why bother?
Not take another risk when it may mean tantrums and a whole morning of wasted ingredients if it doesn't turn out. 
Not to mention, HANGRY!

Well, then I miss out on learning something new 

(I prob won't use that recipe again - because I prefer my simple recipe WITH eggs!) 

but I also learnt

however subliminally 

that I CAN solve problems that come my way

that a lack of the right tools doesn't have to be the end of the road

that taking a risk (however small) is OK

that if I let go of the exact outcomes - I can still get a sense of play, experimentation & quality time skill sharing with my little girl!

What little way could you be missing out on being a little more creative in your day?

Even in a small tiny way?

Even in a very imperfect and 'ordinary' way?


I got to thinking also, of how I (& probably all of us) use our creativity in little ways every day.

We're not robots - not just bumbling along following a preset formula and routine that we repeat day in day out.

When we play
When we listen to music and make another playlist
When we take photos of something on the weekend
When we retell a story over dinner
When we coordinate our schedules to squeeze in one more appointment AND still make that movie
When we cook
When we solve problems like having no eggs

What little creative activity do you do everyday but don't acknowledge? 

How would it change how you nurtured your creativity if you saw just HOW MUCH you use it daily?

Cooking is a creative activity I like, 
am totally not good at, 
doesn't come naturally to me
 I enjoy the fruits of it - eating, seeing master chefs creating their art, watching shows on it
wish I could do more of!
but I never seem to have the time!

Or honestly, I SAY that I don't have the time. 

That I like having ALL the right 'tools' and ingredients.
That I don't like wasting all that food when it doesn't work out (which is frequent unfortunately)

Sometimes I blame my lack of some appliance or other (even though I wouldn't know how to use it!)

Sometimes I make it a HUGE DEAL and need 5 hours because it's go big or go home...

But there are little moments when I remember...

NOW is the time

It only takes a moment to choose to move forward

It only takes the DECISION to choose 'what the hell, lets try it!'

And to acknowledge and be SO grateful for the opportunity to connect, learns and PLAY. 

With my inner child, with my actual child and with creativity and the Muse.  

Even in small, ordinary ways. 

Which only serves to boost my confidence to try more 'ambitious' recipes. 
Or even
Make up one of my own!

Just from a small, ordinary plate of eggless pancakes...

x Brenda

p.s CREATIVITY CATALYST is launching this week!! 
For us creatives who want a little bit of structure (think 25 days of creativity immersion with simple daily exercises/workshops to connect with the Muse)
To nurture our creative practice into a deeper connection of chaotic play with creative purpose. 

For first dibs on early bird pricing ($100 savings!) and free training


Sign up here for Creativity Catalyst Updates

Get FREE training & first dibs when the next LIVE round is released!

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Specifically, time for creativity

Time to do something that gives you joy and expresses yourself.

Time to express your soul - if you want to go down that road! (I do!)


Or you know, just having fun!

Playing uses more creativity than we realise.


Not having enough of it

Trying to 'find it'
Find 'more' of it
Making it
Squeezing it from elsewhere in your life


But you're on your phone right now. Or Facebook Or Instagram Or the dark hole of emails

You 'found' time to do that.


You managed to find a way to 'squeeze' that in

You 'made time' to watch the new season of whatever just came out.


Now, I'm talking as much to ME as to you here.

I'm all for social media and I love me some mindless scrolling.

It's awesome and quick way to stay in touch.

It's great to see the amazing creations other people are making!

I also love it for inspiration gathering


It's a great way to decompress after a long day of work, kid wrangling, house maintaining, physical self maintaining and ALL.THE.THINGS

I totally get that! I'm not saying don't do it ever ever again.

But too much consuming means you just get full and bloated from other people's creation.

Or like junk food, you never really get truly full and nourished and you're always going back for more. But never being fully satisfied.

Too fat and tired to create.

You lose the muscles, skills or even energy to create.

There is a line - from being filled with inspiration and using that energy to create on one side


being addicted to just taking taking takin in and nothing going out

Constipation comes to mind.

Are you getting creativity constipation?

(OMG am I actually just talking about constipation? I'm writing this from flow and not letting my logical mind from editing this message I felt called to share!)

Now, I wrangle a 3 year old full time. House. Work. Relationships. And being pregnant makes everything SO MUCH SLOWER.

I do feel your pain. And that bloated feeling, I am LITERALLY feeling that if I eat my usual amount of food. There is literally something inside me waiting to COME OUT. and I can't consume too much or I will suffer some serious pain.

BUT!! Hard truth time.

We all have the same amount of time as Beyonce (who just had twins!) or that person you know who juggles ALL THE THINGS

Before we get all shamey and guilty about how shit we are.

Just truly think to yourself, maybe you're just not prioritising your creativity.

Which is totally fine! Maybe in this season of life, you life is full of all the things you value right now. If so, let go of the guilt and shame and stand firmly in the choice you have made. You go girl!


But if you're not. I think you know what I'm trying to say.

Sure, you're busy and all. But if you're being honest with yourself... you haven't truly prioritised your creativity.

Not really in the way that is important to you

Yes - it helps if it was for work... If it was a work deadline and someone else is waiting on you. You totally would do it.

As someone who uses my creativity daily professionally, yeah, maybe it is easier for us to do it. DAILY. ON CUE.

But also not. There is a difference between doing something JUST FOR WORK.

and something for creative expression.

All you creatives know what I mean. 

You get burnt out on work stuff and don't feel the joy of being immersed in it. Of the play and fun.
Of the joy in being so INSPIRED that the creations POUR OUT of you. 

Also, you'll notice that your work starts to get a bit stale. A bit same same... dull

I'm talking about truly being in flow.

Not the forced-I-need-something-done-now kind.

The playful, fun kind!


So are you making it IMPORTANT for you and really your IDENTITY that you connect with your creativity?

Not just put it on your calendar like an appointment.

But also prioritised in a way that you prioritise stuff that you don't EVEN THINK ABOUT anymore.

I'm talking:

Having your morning coffee.
Eating food. Showering
Doing Laundry
Posting a snap on your Instagram
Watching that TV show.
Having dinners out.
Reading reviews of hotels & tourists spots for your next holiday destination.

I know, there are some serious consequences IF YOU DON'T DO some of those things. Like life or death type.

What if you could see your creativity and doing something creative is just part of your EVERYDAY.

A habit.

An ordinary, perfectly simple and maybe even 'boring' habit.

Not some giant ass project that you do and then it's done.

Maybe it isn't 'time' that's stopping you but your Resistance.
Resistance to this image of your creativity being built up to be this BIG ASS THING that has to be done in this PERFECT WAY. 

which includes 5 hours of UNINTERRUPTED time and ALL your tools and making something PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL and it feels in flow and fun and joyful.....

OMG no..

I get maybe a total of 8-ish hours of time to do my creative work. PER WEEK. I do this professionally people!!!

Uninterrupted? maybe an hour or two on my 2 work days. Which are also the days I run errands and do a bout a million other admin/marketing/sales/customers service/logistics and general non-creating part of life. 

And believe me. I feel you. I honestly do.

I still daydream of long days of just playing in my studio and following whatever comes across my imagination.

But if I kept daydreaming, it becomes another form of consuming. But from my mind.

The muscles still get weak and the constipation is still there.

And to be honest? My own mind interrupts me! The inner critic. Other monkey mind things.

My suggestion? Embrace the Imperfection.

Treat it as part of your everyday - and do something SMALL and even if it feels too ordinary and 'why even bother'? 

Bother because it's part of maintaining the habit. Part of putting out something so you don't get constipated!

Another way I stay connected?
Noticing that some things I do - like taking photos of Indigo doing something - I tap into my creativity just a little. 

I don't acknowledge it but when I do, I reconnect to it. 

Kinda like noticing when your partner does something small for you - like switch on your electric blanket so it's warm when you go to bed - it's so every day that you don't notice it anymore.

And yet, when you do AND you acknowledge it? It helps you reconnect deeper doesn't it! 

What if you thought of your creativity as a relationship to a part of yourself that is just as important as a loved one.

Like any relationship that is important to you, you know how essential it is to make the effort AND TIME to connect and reconnect.

Neglecting it doesn't mean it will go away.

Neglect means some serious consequences BUT you've just learnt to live with it.

There is that general sadness in the air. Where you both look longingly at each other but the gap between you is only getting bigger everyday.

I'm talking feeling like something is missing.

Feeling a little lost. Like there is something you haven't done.

Not feeling satisfied.

All the usual 'fun' things you do like watching another viral video just isn't enough anymore.

It's the eating too much junk food unsatisfied feeling.

You can ignore it for a while but when it really gets your attention. It can feel even HARDER and more OVERWHELMING to try to fix it then.

So I know some people just put it down as 'I'm just not really that creative'

or 'I don't have time for that - it was something I did when I was younger' (and had more time I presume)

Like any relationship that you've lost touch with. I know it may feel like you need to go BIG! Like couples holiday! or do something extravagant! 12 dozen roses! Go skydiving together?! Quit your job and make 100 artworks for 100 days straight!

But what if you just started with something small. Something almost everyday and seemingly not 'worth the effort'.

We like simple and 'ordinary' because it means you're more likely to do it more often. Maybe even daily!

Like making a cup of tea and spending 10mins together to talk about your day. 
(for me that's journaling & reflecting on inspiration or ideas of where I feel that my current creative project is going. It reconnects me to my creative practice)

Like taking 2 minutes to acknowledge one another and connecting (& committing) to connect again in the middle of the busy-ness of your day. 
(for me that's taking photos of little things I see in my environment that my creative self points out. Like a little kid, that notices something new, different or it connects the dots on something you've been thinking about 

Or just jotting down that random idea or quote or song or colour that strikes me. No questions asked about why or for what. I just notice, acknowledge it and record it for reference later. 

I think it's the acknowledgement part that keeps me in good relationship with my creative practice. EVEN when I'm in the middle of pushing the shopping trolley and trying to navigate a busy grocery store with a hungry, tired 3 year old.)


I bet, if you really dug deep. You'll know within. An inner knowing if you like.
That little voice that's been calling out to you to 'come play with me!' or 'I miss you - I miss us!'

And you will KNOW what one small thing you can do, something 'ordinary' and simple you can do to reconnect.

Don't question if it's 'good enough' or 'enough to make a difference'.

Just start. Embrace the Imperfection of it. 

and then, you'll find you don't need to FIND time. You've found something better. You've found the little spark you need to make that relationship AMAZING again.

x Brenda

RE: CREATIVITY CATALYST - If you want to explore your creativity & deepen your connection to your creative practice. If you want to learn with a simple structure of prompts and exercises to tap into your creativity muscles.
If you want to harness your chaotic creativity into one of FLOW & PLAY & PURPOSE

It's 25 days of immersion to cultivate our creative practice.

With simple & quick daily workshops, exercises or prompts to connect with the Muse so your creativity stays in chaotic AND consistent flow. 


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Gratitude is in the air.

SOOO MUCH has happened since the last time I wrote you in these monthly updates! 

So, June - I ran my first EVER online intentional art making course-workshop-class-thingy.

I like calling it my Deliberate Doodles Workshop because it's more than just passive learning, which a 'course' feels like.

You actually need to workshop through some meaty concepts - lots of self reflection as well as general, practical How-Tos of my art making process.

If you're like - Ooooo that sounds totally interesting and have NO IDEA what I'm talking about: check it out here >>> Deliberate Doodles (Sign up for the Free resources and go through the 5 day challenge where you get a taste of the process and develop your own Deliberate Doodles practice. Nurture your creative practice in partnership with your mindfulness practice too. All with a simple pen and paper)

Anyway, I digress.

In the middle of that online course - workshop running and general hanging out with awesome students who are so AMAZING at trying something new.
Diving into my process.
Learning about themselves. 
Exploring their own unique marks. 
Reflecting on their own flavour of doodles and drawings. 
Mindfully observing their thoughts as they went on this journey. 

I had a mini family holiday / babymoon in Fiji.


And you would think that is why I'm feeling the gratitude in the air.

Which I mean, I totally am! 

But there were some days, when the amount of tired whingeyness + 3 year old happiness yelling + pregnant belly painful kicks just OVERFLOWED MY CUP OF ANNOYANCE.

you know what I mean?

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It's like, I 'SHOULD' be grateful.

I'm in a GORGEOUS tropical island.

The weather is just PERFECT. Not so hot that you're sweating like a pig (pregnant lady sweating ain't pretty y'all)

But hot enough that I could just hang out in my travel dress blowing in the breeze. 

We were walking distance to the beach where there was barely a handful of people so there was stretches of sand to just walk and daydream. 

A pool and lounges to hang out in - where the only concern was: Do we have fairy floss today? Or ice cream?

Ok - yeah it was pretty amazing. 

My point is that, it's only when you're able to see the whole bigger picture? That the gratitude can feel so much easier. Almost obvious. You know?


again, that's not really why I'm feeling the gratitude in the air.

Indigo and I promptly got sick once we returned home. Like the usual sore throat, chesty cough stuff.

I got the usual mum version, where it's bad enough to feel a bit shit. But not enough to really take a day off to stay in bed.

Because 3 year olds with the usual chesty coughs still has THINGS TO DO and wants to still PLAY AND BE ENTERTAINED but with a healthy dose of short temper and irritation due to said illness. 
So there was that. 

Nothing like feeling grateful for your health when you DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE IT.

Like losing my voice the week after. After I thought to myself - Ooo I should get back to doing some work I'm behind on because 1 week of illness 'should' be over next week.

I mean, it is good sometimes (maybe not while you're in voiceless-hell where your throat is on fire) to be reminded on the things you HAD that you are so grateful for.

I am so grateful that my sore throat is gone. 

I am so grateful for a loving husband who had to pick up the slack as the girls in his life wallow in a pool of self-pity and hangry moods...that could just have been me....

I'm not talking about that.

Not the 'you SHOULD BE' grateful type burdens.


But the goosebumps, sense of awe and blessing washing over you type gratitude.

The kind of gratitude that has the power in being able to change your day. 

Your mood. Your mindset. The way the whole world reacts to you!

Sometimes it just strikes you out of the blue! Like a surprise knock to the head.

Other times, you have to really work at it. Mindfully, consciously, almost fight-your-own-damm-bad-mood-self and REFRAME and CLAIM that feeling for yourself. 

That's what I'm talking about. That's what I'm feeling in the air. (What I'm learning to re-create in the air if I have to)

Also, the way that art gets created when made from that place.

I'm thinking the majesty of the Sistine Chapel.

Van Gogh's paintings of the landscapes.

Any painting where you can almost viscerally FEEL the JOY AND BEAUTY OF LIFE pulsating from the brushstrokes.

Or like the 'Happy' song. 

The beaming smile of a 3 year old when you say OK, yes! Let's get a cupcake for morning tea.

The intricacies of a baby being 'knitted together' in the womb without any conscious effort from the mother.

Or...just like our last day in Fiji. Literally the last day there. On the flight home. Looking out the window as the captain did his little speech to welcome us all aboard the flight. 
Like literally as we were taking off. There was THE MOST AMAZING SUNSET we had ever seen in our lives.

The colours. The combination of colours - Like having the best photo filters over it but it's ACTUALLY REAL LIFE. The way the clouds reflected the light.

Hubby and I were trying to take photos - but in the end no camera could do the colours justice.

I could only just sit there and try to sear those colours into my memory.

It was like all of creation was singing out loud IN SUCH JOY to God at the majesty and beauty of all that we could see in that huge horizon.

Any art where you can FEEL the heart and soul of the artist and the resonance of expression for all the beauty they see in their world.

May this new wallpaper be a reminder of your simple choice in ANY moment of your day.

To choose that true sense of gratitude. Sunset or not.

To feel it in your bones, in every cell.

You could be creating your own kind of art just within yourself!

And I bet, you will see it reflected in the world around you.

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Show Up 
Show Up
Show Up
& After awhile the muse shows up too

There is a misconception… that has occasionally developed into a deceiving lie. That creative people, like me, are just SO FULL of creative inspiration that we HAVE TO create art. 

Like a bubbling, overflowing pot that’s about to burst forth and that’s what the end result is. The artwork. An expression of something that couldn’t be contained.


In some ways, that is true.
There are magical moments like that where you just feel like you’re possessed.


Positively mad & so full of energy that you know you do HAVE TO ride this wave and create the thing that’s bursting to be born.

It’s intense and crazy and sometimes really awesome. 

besides the burn out

and our very human need to sleep, eat, play & all those normal things. 

The other way? 

That’s the 90% of all creative endeavours. 

Especially when, like me, you’re doing this as your job.

There really isn’t a magic formula. Every creative, especially those with a sustainable creative practice, has some form or other of this formula.

You show up.

You do the work in front of you.

You go home & rest.

Tomorrow, you show up again and repeat. 

Some of us like to infuse music.
Some like to start with a ritual of research, the perfect cup of coffee or an exercise routine.
Others sleep in until the afternoon before stepping into their respective studios.

But in the end that ‘formula’ is the same. 

The muse can’t show up to shower you with that intense energy of creativity to be burst forth on the canvas,

if you’re not there STANDING in front of the canvas. 


I use to keep a sketchbook journal where I wrote a lot of notes.

My sketchbook was never anything arty & fancy. I didn’t paint in it much or do full-page drawings. Yes, there are plenty of doodles and sketches. Mainly just notes.

Nowadays, I love my iPhone. There is a folder in my Evernote called ‘Inspiration for paintings’ I also have notebooks for quotes. Plus my ‘notes’ nowadays are just quick random photos from my everyday life.

I’ve found, with the fullness of a mama life, I have to be prepared for little notes of inspiration from the muse no matter where I am.

Before kids, I was usually in the studio and I could just start on the inspiration straight away. At the very least I was only a few steps away.

Nowadays, I could literally be doing the grocery run, hands full of trolleys, toddlers & tantrums. 

So if something makes me stop for a moment, I’ve learnt to just notice. To catch the whisper of inspiration before if fades.

Just notice! that’s a practice too!

I take a photo and know that my weekly photo reviewing will mean I will put it into the appropriate notebook. If I have an extra second, I put it into the notebook straightaway with notes. 


That’s why, questions like: where do you get your ideas?

is such a hard one to answer.

It could have been a single moment during a very busy, monkey mind day.
My intuitive mind stopped everything to focus on this flower I noticed on my way to buy milk. It was only a split second, but the pause was definitely there. 

And that somehow, when reviewed with my notes, inspired another photo of this texture I saw while I was walking to the cafe during a kinder run.

Mixed with maybe a half dozen other inspirations I don’t even know I’m thinking of.

My days are already so full that I only have time to just create from these ideas that are waiting patiently to be created.

Most days, I don’t have the time, or energy or mind space to back track my incredibly crazy, complex & multi-directional ideas to where they originated from. 

And to be honest, I'll rather just create than question the source of the inspiration. 


So instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, show up at the easel. 
Show up at the writing table
Show up to the guitar/piano/drum set
Show up in the kitchen.
If you wait until you have the idea, you’ve probably missed the moment when the muse shows up. She’s fickle like that.

(these wallpapers are available in the Insider library exclusively for insider members - please sign up here to gain access. Join today as older editions are removed when new artwork is released every month)

Some days I may not feel like it either. 

Like there is a huge cloud covering my minds eye on where to go next. 

I’ve found that just showing up in the studio still helps. Even if all I do is clear up my space.

The act of decluttering can also work it’s own magic. It creates a kind of stirring up of the bottom of the river.
Something may uncover itself in your mind as you’re consciously occupied in something mundane. 

There is also a kind of silence when you’re just in your space. Even if it’s just sitting in front of the screen with the blank page.

Start with these to show up, show up, show up:

  1. Keep a folder of ideas & notes to cultivate your inspiration garden. 
  2. Show up at your ‘space’ of creation anyway & touch your tools. Paints, pens, keyboard, clay, wool. Clearing, cleaning, tidying & decluttering can also help stir up some of that dusty fog in your mind.
    At the very least, it clears a space both physically (or even just digital folders) to make room for the new creation that you must TRUST is coming.
  3. Just START. Know that it will be bad, release the pressure for perfection and get some paint onto that canvas. Words onto that blank page. Fingers on the keyboard. 

where do you get your ideas?

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Hi, I'm Brenda Mangalore.
I create art that's about connection to ourselves, and to each other.

Art is like faith and love, chaos and structure. There is beauty in the mess!

And if we let it, it can be an anchor of self-expression in our spaces and in our lives.