You work too hard for your home to feel lifeless and cold.

You desire a home that reflects the rich, colourful life you're working so hard to create for yourself. You want to give inspiring gifts (whether to a loved one, or treating yourself) that are uniquely personal. Celebrating big life milestones in a way that's meaningful and expresses your heart.

As your commissioned artist, I create an Experience of Art that is inspired by your story.

Resulting in a deeply personal artwork that will not only continue to add joy to your home but also be a daily reminder that you are worthy of being surrounded by beauty and all that you desire.



Are you looking for a statement piece
that expresses the unspoken connection you have
with art, with faith, with life?


• Are you sick of just 'making do' with shallow decorations that everyone else has but doesn't really have much meaning for you?

• Do you want to celebrate an anniversary in a meaningful way? Feeling a little ashamed at the lack of unique ideas to truly create a tribute to your partnership and life together in a way that is personal and will last beyond your lifetimes?

• Do you have a big milestone coming up but don't know how to celebrate it in an unforgettable way?  Honouring your treasured memories and connection to others without embarrassment and cheesy ideas?

• Want to create the space around you intentionally? Whether it's your bedroom or office, making it a true reflection of your heart and faith?

I get it, because I hear the same thing from many clients.


What I also get is that sometimes our dissatisfaction around our home and our fear around buying the perfect gift is really just a metaphor for living an authentic life. A life that truly reflects your heart's desires.

And that when we work with it, it gives us the courage and confidence to express our desire for beauty and joy, connection and meaning; not only in our homes, but in our work and in our relationships.

What I get is that art can be an anchor of self-expression
in your space and your life.


• Picture finally feeling proud of showing off your home to friends, finally being able to have a space that is a true expression of you and your heart

No more settling, no more compromises.

• Imagine an experience of creating an heirloom which tells your story, one that will continue to inspire you daily that you're worthy of being surrounded by beauty

• What would it mean to you, to celebrate a milestone with a creation that becomes your legacy?

Weaving your heart and story into something beautiful.

• Imagine being the one that gave the unique gift of a shared experience you create together, one that no one else could ever give.

• Visualise the daily JOY you can experience, seeing an original artwork that celebrates your cherished memories.

Honouring your connection that can be treasured forever.

We'll work together
to create artwork with meaning

Imagine taking the time to pause and reflect on your cherished moments, your connection with yourself (and your recipient). Choosing the memories and stories you love to inspire an original artwork for your home. We will stand in the space that will transform your house into a home that brings you joy every day.

Join In the Creative Process

We meet in your home (or over Skype) so your story and intentions can be shared 'face-to-face' because from the beginning, your experience of art will be a personal one.  

Extensive notes will be taken on your heart's expressions, meaningful memories and stories. Even the space where the original artwork will hang. The secret little details I am known for will be created in your original artwork from these notes. Something you will have fun showing to your guests when you proudly invite them over to your home.

Back in the studio, I use my intuition to explore and process those expressions with either a few painting studies on canvas for your bespoke painting (optional), or digital drafts of typography for your custom drawing. You don't need to know what you want in a painting, I make it easy by taking the lead in the creative direction of the process. It actually works best this way! You can just relax and share with me your story and I will create a beautiful original artwork that reflects you.


• PAINTINGS: Then if you prefer, you can choose one or more painting studies to be reinterpreted on larger custom canvases or I'm more than happy to let my intuition & expertise to allow the painting to unveil itself to me

• DRAWINGS: select the perfect final layout of typography for your words to be drawn on museum quality paper

• Sized to suit your space so it fits your home perfectly as the finishing touch to match your Pinterest inspired dreams


• PAINTINGS: You will receive a beautifully crafted, signed, hard cover Artist's Diary, which records and celebrates your Experience of Art

• This book gifts you the ability to retrace the backstory of your artwork as it unfolds and came to life, through the artist's eyes


• Finally, it's your turn! Bring together your circle of friends and family for a meaningful celebration and host an unveiling of your original artwork. Toast your heart's expression come to life in your space with the people who mean the most to you and seal your Experience of Art with a delightful party!

Your commission artwork will be an Experience of Art where you not only have access behind-the-scenes to see the artwork come to life but also collaborate with me on the hidden details I'm known for, which will contain the secret words and symbols that are meaningful to you.

Whether bringing art into your home, or giving it to another,
you can commission me to create a piece just for you:


colorful | multi-layered | organic | abstract

Begins at $1155

for a 51x61cm (20x24inch) gallery canvas


black-and-white | typographic | intricate | free-form

Begins at $375 

for artwork within an A4 size paper



Art is connection to ourselves and each other. Art helps us create homes that feel like us. Art helps us give gifts with meaning.

Art inspires us while honouring our own unfolding lives.

I create art that's about connection to ourselves, and to each other. For creatives at heart, like you (yes, even if you don't believe it) who want homes that really feels like you…


If you're ready to transform your home into a joyful space.
If you're ready to give the gift of a lifetime,
then I would love to hear from you.

Contact me and we will schedule our first call for you to share more details about your story, answer any questions you may have and begin your Experience of Art!




drawing commission

Words are powerful, and I love the way that Brenda makes the words the main event of many of her pieces.

I wanted a piece that would underline a significant event in my friend's life, and I wanted it to be a constant reminder to him of the source of his ministry.

I loved how quick and easy it was (from my end!) to transform the kinda vague concept I had into a few solid options that were all so great that it was difficult for me to choose between them.

I wasn't really sure how it would all turn out. I'd seen Brenda's work on the website, but even that didn't quite prepare me for the beautiful intricacy of the finished product - all of those little doodles filling in the piece. It reminded me of the way the body of Christ works: each one beautiful but small and (in a way) insignificant on its own, but coming together in a wonderful tapestry when formed by God.

It was a very smooth and clear process. I loved getting updates on progress and it was all finished very quickly. It was also great that you gave me a clear indication of the time the whole process would take, as well as 'milestones' for completion of ideas, drafts etc.

My friend was a bit nervous about my gift because he's not great at pretending to like things, but there was no issue with that here. He loved it!

If you're thinking of reaching out to Brenda, all I can say is Go For It! You won't be disappointed!

- J.K

painting commission

Working on a commission with Brenda, I liked that I could share with her what I had on my heart and to allow the Holy Spirit to be at work as she created the art work.

I wanted an opportunity to be heard and listened to, while also being able to give and receive input and feedback.

I was pleased that Brenda was opened to receive input and wasn't fixed on her views for the artwork.

It was a delightful experience to work together with an artist to see something created.

There was the opportunity to adjust the painting (e.g. I had felt that the dark colours was too much and to have that easily adjusted with no fuss was pleasing). I enjoyed that Brenda made the time to ask me what I wanted and gave me the space to share and wasn't pushy in any way. She was also opened to allow God to have His input too.

The best part for me was that it tailored specifically for my friend based on what I felt the picture symbolises and the underlying spiritual meaning accompanying it.

Would I recommend a commission from Brenda?

Definitely! It will be fun and an enjoyable experience! If you don't have any ideas, she can give you some suggestions. If you have some ideas, she will work with you to create the piece that your heart desires.

- D.Y


Are you ready?