25 days of creativity immersion to cultivate your creative practice. 

with daily workshops to work with the muse so your creative practice stays in chaotic yet consistent flow

CREATIVITY Is chaotic. 

YET It is essential for a joyful life of full expression. 

Cultivating a consistent practice is also essential to maintain your connection to your creativity - to the muse

Do you want to stay connected to your creative flow, even when you're feeling stuck? When Resistance rears it's ugly head on that creative project that's nagging your heart?

Do you want a simple but FUN way to develop a new habit of connecting to your creativity? To create in FLOW! To create like a natural part of your day?

Want a space that you can look forward to come to WITH JOY - amongst the pressures of your life & work?

Do you want to play with exercises & creative ideas that is delivered in an intuitive, spontaneous spirit BUT with a creative PURPOSE? 

Want an experience that also gives you the permission to explore your creativity in a FUN way -- amongst the imperfections of your day BUT also opening your eyes to seeing the beauty in the mess? 

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Imagine having a set of tools and simple practices that you can use every day to connect with yourself AND a creative practice that fills you with JOY!

Imagine developing a habit and practice that feeds your creativity so you never run out of ideas! Or when you hit Resistance, you KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT - you won't stay stuck for long.

Imagine giving yourself the space & community where you can connect with your self - YOU KNOW that creativity is essential to your self-care! 

Where you can connect with like-minded creatives who support and encourage your creativity, gaining new ideas and inspiration.

Where you can connect with God & Spirit so that you gain access to your creativity that feels like flow & full of purpose. Beyond just YOU 'making something with your hands'


In the course, I share daily exercises with simple prompts, videos and worksheets:

  • 4 loose themes to give you some structure to explore your own creativity & creative practice - especially when you're feeling overwhelmed with what to do (finding ways to work WITHIN a box also exercises your creativity muscles!)
  • Over 30+ prompts & ideas to do explore your creativity EVERYDAY - this kind of immersion will set up the habit & allow you to see how you can be creative in simple ways as part of your everyday life! (you can ask for personal feedback & share ideas in the private Facebook group!)
  • Exercises that also explore the deeper concepts of creativity, to nurture and cultivate your artistic voice
  • Out of the box thinking and ideas to push your creative comfort zone. You'll take these into your creative projects & practice. (You'll get an inside look at my chaotic & creative process! But also the method to the madness!)
  • A place that doesn't feel like YET ANOTHER burden on your to do list. A place of joy and simple prompts to get you going! Somewhere you LOOK FORWARD to entering. The way your creativity should be - a source of joy & rejuvenation!





  • My calling is to be a light & mentor for you to use your creativity as self-expression of your connection to yourself, others and the divine! These courses are my new forms of art - they only come into being from my connection to my creatiivty and working with the Muse in FLOW
  • I am also a mum and know how hard it is to find time & space inbetween your responsibilities for the house, kids AND work to connect with yourself!
    Yet you know this self-care is important for your sanity and how you can give back to your family & community! I know how to keep in touch with your creative practice in a way that is simple you can incorporate around your busy life.
  • Creativity Catalyst came into being when I felt the calling to be a light for other creatives. And then I GOT STUCK. I'm no stranger to losing my connection to my creativity. I didn't paint for a whole year after I had my first baby, I lost that connection because I lost touch with myself. I've learnt from experience that in order to tap into a continuous flow of inspiration and creativity, I need to make a daily AND FUN part of my life.            
    This means, I'm sharing my process & creative connection with you from a place of deep personal experience. I understand your struggles and dreams. 

"Creatively I was working on improving my skills but also trying to learn to loosen up my drawing and to enjoy the process regardless of the outcome.

I originally just wanted to support you Brenda! But realising that it wouldn't take hours and could be easily slotted into my week was the deciding factor though. 

The work you gave us, has given me the confidence to play with things, to explore things even if they seem unpromising at first, and to discard the things that don't work. 

I don't need everything to always work out any more and I'm confident that this will allow me to experiment and grow much more in my artwork.

I loved the interaction with you and the other students in the Facebook group. It was so good to have a place to share our work and get feedback. 

And your gentle suggestions and questions were always helpful in helping us to overcome our creative blocks."

- Lovely words from Deliberate Doodles alum Cat Doyle 


We will begin and end on Day 1 & 25 with a welcome & what's next workshop. Then we follow each of the 4 themes loosely - which will run for 5 days + 1 day of implementation/catch up.

I thought 7 days would make more sense too, but the calling was pretty clear about the 25 days + the 4 themes... so I'm just following inspired & guided instructions! 

There is a lot of intuition and waiting on inspired guidance from God & Spirit. Immersive experiences with daily exercises NEED some space for new ideas to happen. 

To practice the process of trust & surrender and allow space for spontaneity. My Type A personality would LOVE having it all clearly stepped out - Control freak anyone? 

But just like my abstract paintings - I only have a loose structure of the intentions I feel, the boundaries of the canvas & colours I choose... The rest is just trust & surrender and ALLOWING space for the artwork to evolve and be nurtured into reality. 

You don't need to create a painting for this - but the creative process is the same! 

It's why I keep saying:

Chaotic Play with Creative Purpose.

The trick is learning how to walk that tension and balance in a way that suits YOU and your creative practice.

But also a structure that we can loosely follow if so we don't let overwhelm & Resistance WIN! 
There is also room for you to use your creative license, take longer on exercises that resonate with you AND skip exercises if you're called to spend the day daydreaming instead of creating.

The idea is to have JUST ENOUGH pressure to make sure you actually DO THE WORK but not so much that you AVOID THE WORK and feel like your creativity is another burden on your shoulders & long LONG To Do list.

  • START with your HEART -- We begin by COLLECTING the 'dots' of inspiration, ideas and opening your hearts to new ways of seeing and being - This is a habit that will helps you nurture your idea garden AND never run out of ideas!

    Exploring your beliefs around creativity and your own creative practice - So you recognise the blocks and old beliefs that get you STUCK and how to get back into flow

  • SOUL -- We explore your CONNECTION to yourself, to others around you & to the divine (whatever flavour that is for you!) - Because when you KNOW this connection & learn how to keep those relationships healthy; you'll be able to maintain your connection to creativity, to the Muse in your daily life.

    This will also be GRATITUDE week, where we use gratitude as a springboard for exploring that week's exercises. Gratitude is the one mindset that we KNOW is so POWERFUL to shift our inner worlds and take action from a place of power & love. Not stuck in fear and doubts. As Tony Robbins says: You can't be grateful AND fearful at the same time. 
  • MIND -- Here we CULTIVATE all the creative ideas and dots from the previous exercises. Exploring the thoughts and words we use to speak to ourselves and to others. This is also where we can explore how RESISTANCE shows up for us and how we can handle it and work with it.

    Sometimes it seems so easy and we do actually get an inspired idea - then we overthink it. We slip back into old habits of letting our inner critic talk us out of it. 
    Investing this time to reflect on our thoughts, our beliefs and cultivating our connection to our creativity (with simple journalling prompts!) will help you to shift that from fear to inspired action. 
  • Last 5 days we will look at our BODY -- Creativity is about bringing the intangible into the tangible, sensory world.
    So we will explore creative prompts based on our senses AND also how we EMBODY our feelings. Using our bodies to tap into our intuition instead of always relying on our minds.
    I've found that as much as we love to live in our heads, hearts and creative spaces - our bodies also has an abundance of wisdom and feedback to give to us.

    AND using our senses is an EASY way to follow a theme to explore different perspectives & ideas that you can use EVERYDAY. It's so easy to go back to what feels comfortable, to do what we've always done - but that means you get stuck in a rut.

    We will find new ways to step out of that & back into YOUR inspired space! In Heart, Mind, Soul AND Body! 

    This is more than just some fun creative exercises and new ideas - it's a wholistic immersion with your creativity and for it to apply to ALL areas of your life!

Are you ready to commit to your creativity & create a deeper connection to your creative practice?

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You also get access to the private Facebook Group that is exclusive to members of the Creativity Catalyst Club!

  • I don't have the flexibility in my season of life to hold in-person workshops - Hello pre-schooler mama here!
    So the facebook group is the closest to a community I can create easily + give my personal attention to you. Don't do this alone!
  • Connection to other like-minded people boosts your own creativity & inspires you to keep going. It takes time & focus to learn a new habit and connect with your creativity. Don't make it harder by trying to do it by yourself!
  • Plus I know that a space like this will help all of us - me included - to connect with the group DAILY. We're ALREADY on there! (No need to hide that!) AND this way, your 'distracted' time will be PRODUCTIVE as you connect to the daily exercises and to each other in the group.
  • There is an energy and magic when people with the same heart & values gather together (If you resonate with me & Creativity Catalyst, I know you love art, creativity, spirituality & value beauty and inspiration for your life!) Experience that magic with us!
  • I've experienced the accountability and friendship that happens when we connect over an immersion experience and are focused on the same topics. Not to mention the insights, creative & mindset growths that happens when we share our stories & ideas. As the Chief Catalyst - I couldn't provide that magic on my own. Just by being in there together, we all benefit from the synergy of our collective focus and creativity! Even without doing any of the content! 
  • Sometimes, online learning can feel really disconnected - the Facebook group means you can ask me questions directly (which also helps other students) & I get to keep my boundaries around time spent with my babies! And you can do it at a time that suits you!

"I saw your course and thought 'Why not?' It had been a long time since I did anything arty. I wanted to do something relaxing and your process seemed like a perfect fit.
Even though I went into the experience of learning from you with an open mind - I knew that I'll get what I put in! I got MORE than just a new project to dive into. 
You helped me to actually think and reflect on the message I wanted to convey with the marks I wanted to go for.
Plus I loved the unexpected connection with some really artistic people, who are now part of my journey into something new. It's good!

I liked the casual vibe of your workshops. There's no pressure to prove I'm up to it. You are available, encouraging, sharing; and so is the community of participants with their feedback, I like that.

I'm just absorbing all the feedback I got from you and the community. Looking at how others have approached it - it's already made me look at my drawing with different eyes." 

"go for it! it's fun!"

- Lovely words from a Deliberate Doodles alum Swee Bee 

Maybe you're feeling a call within you to do something MORE with your creativity.

Maybe you're feeling a little burnt out, stuck in a rut with your creative practice.

Or just sick of getting excited over an idea, only to get stuck in Resistance and have to struggle to find your creativity again.

Are you tired of saying to yourself ALL THE TIME that you WANT to do more with your creativity, to finally do the ACTUAL DOING instead of talking about all the creative things you want to do.

Maybe you're starting to doubt you ARE creative, it's feeling scary and overwhelming and you miss the simple FUN you use to have?

Creativity Catalyst Club was created because I know & understand that feeling!

I had a calling to create a course... I knew the general idea of topic - creativity. But I couldn't get clear on what it actually was!

The fact was - I was a little burnt out. I was trying to FORCE the creativity. I had lost touch with my connection to my creativity, which meant I also lost FAITH in the process. 

I was actually on a family holiday in Fiji at the time. I thought all that Space & Sand & Sunshine would be PERFECT to nurture this calling to life. 

But nothing came out. Nothing 'worthy'. Nothing that felt like a match to this vision I couldn't articulate in me.

So I almost came home disappointed. Until I realised... I had to surrender. Let it go...(as my daughter kept singing...OMG Disney!)

I had to trust the process - which meant connecting to creativity for the FUN. To remember that creativity is CHAOTIC. There needs to be connection and PLAY. Resistance doesn't go away the more you push it! 

And being disconnected from myself and my creative practice of daily creativity? 

I had lost some creativity muscles and had to work them back into health again. So I did.

I came home and dabbled in some fun watercolours. Just to connect with the Muse.

I made some paintings JUST FOR FUN! I journaled ALOT and spent the time connecting with my creativity.

and the vision and dream for this course grew clearer. The fog was lifting.
and I realised I knew what the next step was... I just didn't know the next one after that. Which SCARED ME SH*TLESS. Because spontaneity and chaos ARE SCARY!

But once I trusted. Took that step forward.. the next one was revealed to me. ONLY AFTER I TOOK THAT STEP IN FAITH! 

Now I know the spirit and vision of this course - I know the ideas and calling I have to share with you. 

To connect and reconnect with the Muse.
With yourself and your creative practice.
To tap into your creativity in daily, ordinary & spontaneous ways.
To bring a sense of wonder, curiosity and FUN back to your everyday.
But the exact details of what we will be like at the end of the 25 days?

I have no F*cking clue... I am trusting the Muse.

I am trusting the creative process.
I am trusting and believe in the magic of community and creatives gathering together for one focus
I am trusting in the vision of a club, a community where together we become our own AND each other's Creativity Catalysts. To grow our creative muscles, nurture our creative practices & cultivate a strong flow of creativity in our lives and work.
I am trusting in the steps I CAN see and only once I step forward, the rest will be revealed. 

That's where the best and most MAGICAL catalyst can occur for ALL our creative practices. Whether you're a professional creative or not! Creating from this space of flow and connection is where the best creative masterpieces are done!

I want to share that experience with you! More joy, more ease in your creative projects, more flow and FUN!

You KNOW that creativity is a part of you and this immersion will guide you to create, to cultivate ideas and to just simply play - yes! - but play with PURPOSE.
To connect deeper with yourself AND help you nurture a practice that will find you getting back into creative FLOW as quickly as possible.


  • I get it! I really do! - I'm a full time mum, juggling an art business, freelance clients and also all the other life stuff like relationships, fitness, cooking, cleaning - not to mention I'm growing another baby in my belly!
  • The thing is - I KNOW that it is a combination of Commitment, Community and Connection that will help you nurture your creativity. Even though I 'HAVE TO' create and use my creativity in my work - tapping into my creativity in the best way? To work in flow and ease? Without burning out?

    I have to be disciplined in connecting with my creativity. With the Muse!

  • If you'll gift this commitment to YOURSELF, to be part of this community? If you invest the time & attention?
    You will find a space & connection to other creative hearts who will support you & encourage you in your commitment to your creativity - you will also have a personal cheerleader in ME! (not to mention a little compassionate ass-kicking if that's what you need!)
  • The daily prompts and exercises are also designed to be simple & quick - it's up to you how much time you can or WANT to dedicate to it. 
  • There may be homework that involves self-reflection, spending the day being mindful & aware. Writing in your journal. I like to spend a reasonable time with it. Because like anything in life, you get what you put in. 
  • There will also be ideas to do an activity that taps into your creativity - BUT IT'S OPTIONAL! (I won't be 'grading' you and no one is going to yell at you!) -- That kind of pressure is NO GOOD for creativity -- but even if you put in 5-10mins? You WILL get the benefits of tapping into your creativity!
  • Some of those prompts may inspire you to explore further and maybe even give you new ideas to begin a new big creative project!
    Think about HOW AMAZING that would be!!
  • You get lifetime access - meaning that you get access to all the training and resources that's released during the LIVE round.
  • Lifetime access also means - you can go at your own pace if that is what you need. Being a LIVE round - you get the benefits of tapping directly to the community doing the activities with you LIVE. To keep you going, to get new ideas and to have FUN!
  • There are 4 Implementation days strategically scheduled to give us all (I'm doing the activities too!) space to explore ideas further, or to catch up!


Timeline & Schedules

Creativity Catalyst Club will be run LIVE August 7th - August 31st - After these dates - sign up to the Interest List for updates on the next LIVE round.

How long do I have access to the course content - videos, worksheets & facebook group?

You have lifetime access to the worksheet downloads as they are yours to keep. And lifetime access to the Facebook Group and all the videos, training and prompts within there. So that means you can take your time to go through the content. (For as long as the internet and Facebook allows that access!)

I'll keep the Facebook Group for as long as I feel is useful for the community and the Creativity Catalyst Club. 

The content in the Course may be updated in future LIVE rounds which you will also have access to FOR FREE even if the price increases. 

What tools will I need?

  • You'll just need a pen, & a journal / sketchbook. Some post-it notes will be good too! 
  • A smart phone or ability to take simple photos of your work to share in the Facebook group. 
  • A Facebook account as participation in the Facebook Group is where the community, live daily content, Livestream videos & interaction with me personally will happen! Where the magic happens! (If you're totally allergic to Facebook - you will still get email updates - but you WILL need your own discipline and persistence to DO THE WORK.)
  • Plus the commitment to do the exercises & invest in some time and attention to this course & community, will help you get the most out of this course. 
  • A way to open the PDF worksheets I will have for you.
  • And whatever tools you ALREADY have to work on YOUR creative project that you want to work on. (You will get totally inspired and motivated to get back into it!)

Are you ready to be your own Creativity Catalyst?

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