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Collect Cultivate Create Booklet
Collect Cultivate Create Booklet
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Did you know the creative process is pretty much the same REGARDLESS of what you create?

Do you want to know how to work through each stage to finish creating your masterpiece?

Want to transform your mindset and change how you see your creative practice?

where your creativity is a HABIT not a SKILL

A habit & practice that nurtured both your work AND your life!

How do you stay creative & keep your creativity producing CONSISTENTLY?

Do you stop half way with your work and hit Resistance, not knowing how to move past it?

Want to learn the way an artist (me!) sees this part of the cycle as something to look forward to?
As something to embrace?

Want to learn how to move forward from that Messy Middle?

This digital booklet shares how you can do all that and the complete creative process I go through every time I create my art.

It’s a cycle that has clear stages and every part has its own hurdles to cross. From how to start, the Messy Middle and how to release it.

It's not just MY cycle! I've learnt it's really a mirror for YOUR creativity. By seeing my story, you will get an insight and new perspective on how to see AND work with YOUR creativity and how you show up in your work and life.

Along with my creative practice in connecting with my creativity.
I share how you can collect inspiration and never run out of ideas

How you can cultivate your creative garden - to create that habit remember?

And how you create your masterpiece that’s calling you to release for the world

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As this is a digital product, it is non-refundable after purchase