This painting was finished at the very very LAST minute right before my showing at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne 2018. She came through me onto the canvas in a fervour of rushing colour and brushstrokes.
It was almost like a trance as I finished the painting, knowing I had to get to bed to grab some precious sleep since my baby had not been sleep well through the night.

But the inspiration and NEED to finish this could not be ignored.

I knew when it was finished - it was an abrupt silence. All the noise & intuition on next steps stopped. I was almost dazed! So I went to bed & wondered what I would think of it with fresh eyes in the morning.

The next day, serendipitously my photographer requested an early pick up of finished artwork! So with that divine timing, I rushed down to the easel to see if it passed the ‘fresh eyes in the morning’ test. It did!

From my LIKE FAMILY August 2018 collection. 

These paintings continue my exploration of spirals as an anchor amongst the 'mess' of chaos & colour. 
Life is messy & chaotic, so is going after your dreams. Whether that is building a business, raising a family or a combination or everything. 

There IS beauty in the mess! 

If you allow it, art can be an anchor for self-expression in your life. 

This collection was created in the months after losing my grandmother - a matriarch of the family whose legacy continues through my mother and me. That lineage of strong women, family values & fierce determination are what I hope to bring with me through mothering my 2 girls.
That legacy is an anchor from the past (in my grandmother) runs through to my girls as anchors for my hopes in the future. And I stand here in the present as the vessel for it all.

May these paintings serve as inspiration for you to find your anchors & joy in connection with your family -- whether by blood or choices, family are a spiral of focus that helps us see the beauty in the mess!

All paintings are varnished, signed & dated. Created & packaged with love and care in my studio.

Painting details:

  • Size: 20"x 24" / 50 x 60cm

  • Gallery wrapped cotton canvas. Framed in natural oak. (add approximately 1cm to the size on all sides) 

  • Satin Gloss Varnish (which gives the colours an amazing depth + protects the painting, though I would not recommend hanging it in direct sunlight -- that will make the painting sad & fade.)

please note that the image has been calibrated to be as accurate as possible -- due to different monitor settings, the colour you see on your screen may not be an accurate representation of the real thing. rest assured, the colours are rich and beautiful..

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