This painting was painted in a flurry burst of inspiration - you may have seen the timelapse video on social media!

The dark depts of midnight blues and blacks pairs with the raw linen that peeks through the edges. The gold highlights are a favourite & really claimed it's whispering powers and made sure I slowed down to capture the stillness it was seeking.

Created for my Soul Seeker Series - which focuses on the quiet inbetween spaces of my signature paintings. 

Seeking Soul VII was painted in tandem with Seeking Soul VIII her sister. If they are 'twins' then Sister Seven is the older, smarter sister who schemes the strategy for the mischief that Lucky 8 dreams up

From my LIKE FAMILY May 2018 collection. 

These paintings continue my exploration of spirals as an anchor amongst the 'mess' of chaos & colour. 
Life is messy & chaotic, so is going after your dreams. Whether that is building a business, raising a family or a combination or everything. 

There IS beauty in the mess! 

If you allow it, art can be an anchor for self-expression in your life. 

This collection was created in the months after the birth of my second baby. 
It was like a rebirth and rediscovery of my self & my dreams. 
Some were painted inbetween feeds and naps.
Some were birthed in a flurry of inspired action. (Just like the birth of Raven!) 

Like family, the collection on the surface looks higgledy piggledy. But at the heart of it all, their essence is the same. 

They may not all get along all the time, but the love is there. 
It holds the anchors of the past (from the spirit of my grandmother who watches over us) and the anchors of my dreams of the future for my girls. 

May these paintings serve as inspiration for you to find your anchors & joy in connection with your family -- whether by blood or choices, family are a spiral of focus that helps us see the beauty in the mess!

All paintings are varnished, signed & dated. Created & packaged with love and care in my studio.

Painting details:

  • Size: 16"x 20" / 41 x 51cm

  • Gallery wrapped linen. Unframed — ready to hang

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for framing! (Send me an email to organise with me!)

  • Satin Gloss Varnish (which gives the colours an amazing depth + protects the painting, though I would not recommend hanging it in direct sunlight -- that will make the painting sad & fade.)

please note that the image has been calibrated to be as accurate as possible -- due to different monitor settings, the colour you see on your screen may not be an accurate representation of the real thing. rest assured, the colours are rich and beautiful..

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