The winter blues has meant I've had my share of miserable-I'll-rather-stay-in-bed days this month. Looking back (on my journals and photos), I'm realising I have neglected to take the time to take quick photos of my day and environment as I use to. Not taking that time has meant less pauses to observe the blessings, to think up grateful lists, to watch what I eat (two blocks of chocolate and counting!) which all added to the blues But I am looking forward to the hopefulness of spring. We've been blessed to experience amazing sunshine over the last few days. As spring approaches, as the season changes, I always look forward to more adventures and growth. New colours and fun + I have a big milestone birthday coming in October!


  • I am so grateful for walks that need sunnies. Making the transition in homes so much easier - am definitely not missing the dreary, grey, biting cold of melbourne winter!
  • Much gratitude to birthdays and all the love and time to reflect on lessons I've gleaned in my (almost) 30 years (!)
  • So grateful for little doodlings this month and as always, thankful for all my painting sessions in my studio (see the foot above? - I even got paint on the soles of my feet )
  • Grateful for lots of Jellyman fun this month + finding a fab place for his cute haircut
  • Love + gratitude for my new pink! handbag! Functional, versatile AND so beautiful and pretty.


  • Super grateful for all the love, support, patience and lots of hugs from my love. He is the best husband ever!

please share in the comments below

What can you pause to observe and be grateful for these last few months? What is one thing you are looking forward to?

Madison Whiteneck