some ideas just come to me in a flash.

Others I have to mull over a few days and even then there is a high percentage that just never quite translates on paper. 

This one was a bit of both. I was mulling over another concept over a few days and just as I could feel my mind clicking into place and the solution was juuuuust in my grasp, this amazing grace concept flashed across my mind and I had to decide.

 Grab hold of the clear new vision or release it to go after the elusive solution I had spent hours trying to find. 


I use to go after the elusive, hated to waste all those hours I had already spent. 

As a new mama, surrendering and trusting that good will come back to me seems to be a daily practice so I grabbed hold of the new flash. 

Outside of Lentoodles, I would have liked to spend more time designing this on the computer, use a proper font, straight lines etc... The beauty of this challenge meant I had to get it down in paper quickly, hold onto that flash firmly as I sketched it out and doodled like a fiend until it was done. (I did have to take a couple breaks cos I could feel cramps starting up in my hands!)


EDIT: I also used this concept and recreated it to make a printable poster for my Insider List members. 

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Madison Whiteneck