My drawings aren't easy to do. Well they can be a bit easy, depending on what you mean by easy*. With the intricate details and small linework I want it to have means it still takes a bit* of time regardless of how quick and efficient I become with the hours of practice. This piece, well, it totally blew up my wild expectations of how long it would take.

There were moments I did think,

Why do I bother?! Why such intricate details?

Why not just giant shapes repeated over and over again? It would be easier!

Yes it may be, but it wouldn't convey what I want it to. That is, the notion of the vast and intricate emotions, nuances of feelings, memories and perspectives that each word means to each of us. The abstract intentions and feelings behind the words. As well as the meaning of the whole piece within the context of the whole quote/verse/paragraph. There are some repeated patterns there, but it isn't quite quite exact. Just like life may have repeats because we have to learn the same lesson, but it isn't EXACT the same. We grow and change right?


Basically, doing it the way I do it helps express all that and gives you more layers of meaning. If I half-assed it because it's easier, How can I ask you to even spend a minute of your precious time to look at it? Let alone have it hanging in your home. Full-ass effort here only thank you very much!

I hope, the hours of lines and effort creates a deeper impact every time you look at this piece. To spend a moment to look deeper, to reflect what this verse means to you. Go beyond the 'WOW' factor of the effort to the meaning behind this text, which I did meditate on for the hours I had that pen in my hand.

Madison Whiteneck