Chapter Change Commissions


A VIP personalised experience to create a painting inspired by YOU

Imagine having something beautiful created JUST FOR YOU that helps you remember who you are and who you wish to be daily

Visualise the daily joy of seeing an original artwork that connects you to yourself, your memories & your intentions and dreams for the future

For you to capture & honour the moments you have had.

The moments you are having & those you are going to have.

For you to have a living work of art that evolves with you AND anchors you to your intentions, values and heart.

If you’re looking for something creative that expresses the unspoken connection you have with art, life & spirituality

I invite you to experience my Chapter Change Commissions.

Commissioned paintings are for

✨lovers of colour

✨aren’t afraid of exploring their inner landscape

✨have an instant YES when you see my paintings

✨Can’t decide/choose which of my original art you want to buy

✨Trust my connection to creativity and we have a resonate connection when we chat in person / Skype

✨Are EXCITED about what we will create together - your heart, my hands

KNOW that the art that will come out will be AMAZING & RESONANT in ways beyond words.

Only for September — $888 (payment plans available)

💖Standard sizes only - up to 60x60cm

💖Saving up to $400!

💖Frame in natural oak included

🔥Full signature commissions consult

🔥Your heart, your values, your intentions

🔥Weaving your heart & story into something beautiful

Your Painting is made with my hands...

But created with OUR hearts!

💖Your painting will be a physical manifestation of your intentions, your heart & values & your hopes for the future

Are you ready to transform your home into a joyful & mindful space?

If you’re ready to gift yourself connection & beauty & a daily creative reminder

Fill in the application form here:

& let’s schedule a discovery call to see what we can create together!

p.s Yes! If you want a larger size or even custom sizes or you want the full commission experience of art with booklet and unveiling party. Please connect with me anyway to chat and I’ll give you a September special too. 😘

Brenda Mangalore