My first drawings for the shop (opening soon![Edit: Prints available now!] When I was younger, I would spend a lot of time doodling away in my journal/sketchbook/visual diary. Not sketching. Just doodling & scribbling doodles of nothing figurative. The thing was, I really enjoyed the creation I was participating in. It was meditative and semi-conscious. I didn't plan where the lines would go, I just kept drawing these lines & squiggles. Its almost like some secret language I was ferociously writing but have no idea what it was saying. So for my first drawing, I thought, since this is my new life, new direction of embracing my creativity, I would go back to doodling. BUT I wanted to tap into my design-life too, my new love affair with type. At the same time, I wanted to create art that isn't just beauty for the eyes, but beauty for the mind & soul. I'm passionate about self-development and this new life has allowed me to really dive into my spirituality & relationship with God. So yay! to encouragement & self-growth as well as prettiness.


As love is the genesis of my new life; the love & encouragement from my loved ones without whom I wouldn't be starting this new 'art thing'.  I thought it best to start with that.

a closeup of the drawing

a closeup of the drawing

 I've been slowly fanning a flame of passion for type and my art tends to be about all the little details. It matches my interest in self-growth, noticing all the little details that contributes to the whole. I included other words that I would associate with love -- 'faith' (can you see it in the closeup?),'laugh', 'forgive', 'trust' & 'hope'. These  drawings also plays on the relationships between the negative and positive spaces. Some people prefer to only focus on the positives in life, while some tend to be negative nellys. I think it's best to accept that life will always have both, it kinda needs both in a way and to experience it fully we have to embrace both. So I like how the drawings itself has a life of it's own, with little details and words to take notice of, yet there is something in the negative spaces too. I'm thinking of starting with just the four colours for the shop. Any suggestion for others? There may even be some personalization for couples & families to include their names or special dates . It would be a great gift for Christmas or weddings! Oui? Let me know what you think in the comments! {p.s These drawings debuted in my October newsletter. If you don’t wanna be told old news after everyone else, sign up here! The November issue is coming out soon}

Madison Whiteneck