Here are a selection of photos from my Overwinter in Colour exhibition opening night, taken by my friend & talented photographer Wes. 

My first solo exhibition opening night!

I was both excited and nervous. Would anyone show up? Would they like my work? Will I be stuck with two giant platters of cheese? I need not have worried. There was a good turn out, amazing feedback and lots of smiles. Even some friends I hadn't seen in a while came to catch up and cheer me on in my new life as an artist. We finished on time (instead of embarrassingly early as I feared) and my family and I went out for a late dinner of Thai food. Just the way I wanted to celebrate a great project, and the first of (hopefully) many more exhibition opening nights!

All photos are by Wes Chia of Wes Chia Photography (click image for a larger view)

All images above ©2011 Wes Chia Photography

Madison Whiteneck