I'm not sure when I first heard this 2-word mantra. It's so simple it could be said flippantly and interpreted a myriad number of ways. For me, I love the simplicty and multiplicity in meaning. It's simple to remember; Love life. Life is beautiful and full of beauty, full of rich experiences and love and joy. Also that life should be FILLED with love, that life is found in love.


The original drawing was done with a traditional nib pen with black Indian Ink on beautiful watercolour paper. I love the richness of the black ink and the way it bleeds a little on the paper -- old school style. There is a freedom in the way I doodle without too much focus while the ink and the design also ensures I don't just create a mess of aimless lines. I like it that way. I think because I'm both free-flowing creative and list-making, everything-in-its-place pefectionist. The battle comes out in my work in (hopefully) wonderful ways. The colours are taken from one of my favourite paintings from 2011 (though honestly, I have a lot of favourites) Blooming Present. I loved the richness of the pinks and reds and the life & love in the painting, which partnered perfectly with this drawing. 

"LOVE LIFE - Bloom Edition Doodle Drawing ©2012 Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio Society"

"LOVE LIFE - Bloom Edition Doodle Drawing ©2012 Brenda Mangalore/Sashé Studio Society"


What are you loving about life at the moment?

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Madison Whiteneck