Sometimes life is a bit intense Sometimes people are just too much. Too insensitive. Too ignorant. Too selfish. Too focused on the details when the bigger picture is all wrong Sometimes I'm one of those people Sometimes just laying in bed and letting life pass by seems to be the only way forward Sometimes all it takes is a sudden laugh from a little baby - and sunshine seems to crack through the dark nights of the soul Sometimes something catches your eye and catches your breath and you're reminded - Life is beautiful Sometimes it's ok to just not have any idea what to do next Sometimes, surrendering to the flow and giving up letting go is the answer Sometimes it's the little things (a car park right at the entrance, the kindness of a stranger when you ran out of baby wipes), that will be your double rainbow for the day. Sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn't Sometimes the only thing you can hold onto is Love and that will be enough.


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This is a Lentoodle created as part of my challenge to draw a doodle a day for Lent. Click Here for more posts on my Doodles for Lent.

Madison Whiteneck