I created the masterpiece of a lifetime the other day. 

Along with my dream morning of going to the beach, getting the best hair cut, working in my perfect studio, playing with my delightful child and eating the yummiest dinner. 
That I made. From scratch. By hand. 

Also, obviously, winning the lottery. 

for daydreams, it was one of the best.

Now, I'm not here to dismiss daydreaming, or visualisations of your ideal life.

I want you to note the 'created the masterpiece' part. 

so many amazing creations are done in my head. 

Best paintings. 
Witty emails. 
New products and online workshops
All created out of thin air so perfectly in my mind.

the issue really only happens when they stay there.

Or worse, when I say to myself: 

'Oh that was a nice dream, if only it could happen it real life. But it could never so let's forget it and get on with my day.'

It's the same feeling I get when I meet people who talk to me about my artwork

they gush about how Creative I must be. 

How Amazing it is to have such talent. 

And here is the punch line....

How they wish they could paint but....

they could NEVER paint because they just AREN'T creative. 

This isn't EVERYONE who compliments my work - most of my fans and certainly my collectors are amazing creative & lovely people. They express their love & I can see that they express their creativity in different ways to mine by our conversations & also just by their art collection. 

Now, I am totally happy to accept all flattery and positive, loving feedback about my work & art.

Working in the studio is a solo and sometimes, lonely solitary activity. 

Showing the art that was created does feel vulnerable and scary. So getting that positive feedback is more than welcome to calm the nerves.

it's the certainty with which they say such negative things about their own creativity that makes me uneasy.

I mean, did they actually TRY painting? 

Did they actually do it for a decent amount of time and give it a good go? 

Before they shut that down and say things like NEVER and SO NOT CREATIVE. 

do they know that creative doesn't just mean painting? 

There is music, cooking, writing, making films, acting, dancing, creating businesses, creating books, creating festivals, creating anything really. Like cakes, cubby houses, actual houses, even spreadsheets. 

The other thing I've also found alot is, those who shower me with such compliments but is also very quick to dismiss their own creativity? They also dismiss my work just as quickly. 

As in, they don't take the time to connect with it deeply. They don't stand in front of the artwork to look within and see and feel something deeper. I think it's hard to appreciate someone else's creativity while dismissing your own. The sad thing is, sometimes I can see how much they yearn to collect art but can't even bring themselves to do that either! Whether that's a painting like mine or something simple like a beautiful hand made vase. I know how much JOY there is in being surrounded by beauty and art. 

shutting down your own creativity tends to shut down other's too. 

But it also makes me think about me. (p.s I've found it insightful to turn things around when something/someone is bothering me consistently. What if everyone or everything is a mirror? What could you learn about yourself you never saw before?)

What am I totally dismissing about myself without actually trying?

 What am I ignoring because I am holding a firm (yet unproved) belief about my abilities without trying to see beyond the box I'm in? 

What am I saying ' that's just the way it is' or 'if only..,' about my situation without taking the time and effort to first, actually 100% try, and second, look beyond what I expect the answer to be? How can I be open to a different answer to achieve my goals?

How about you? 

What are you wishing for an opportunity to do, say, experience that you KNOW you would NEVER or could EVER do?

Is that really true? Have you actually tried with honest to goodness effort? 

Is there another way to play with your creativity without having to be 'whatever or whoever' you're looking up to?


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My 3 year old dances at every opportunity. 

If she hears a song playing at the shops she will dance. She loves EMMA from The Wiggles and sees plenty of professional dancers doing their thing beautifully during her limited screen times. 

That doesn't stop her.

She loves moving and music.

she feels it, she does it!

She will WANT me to video her dancing and sometimes insist I join in. 

And no. She's no dance prodigy. It looks more like a random head nodding, leg spasm with a twist of hand & hip twirling thrown in. 

BUT the thing is... I think of her as a dancer. Cos she dances. 

I know how easy it is, (and comfortable) to sit on the sidelines and watch those you admire dancing so beautifully. 

Having the best time. 

You want to enjoy yourself like that. You want to dance with that person you admire too! You wish you could dance beautifully but you just KNOW you could NEVER do it cause you're not a dancer. 

I know that maybe you're not going to look like a professional dancer. But there is a difference between a dancer and a pro dancer. 

what if you're not a dancer simply because you're not dancing?

What are you daydreaming about? Is it a dream home? the dream holiday or a dream weekend retreat? 

The magazines you're browsing, ads you're pausing just a moment longer to watch... Is there a way you can just start doing what you're dreaming of? 

Pick a country and look up flights so you know how much you need to save and by when.  

Call up a girlfriend and promise each other to have a weekend away in a month - and schedule in your leave.

Start with one room in the house and buy that cushion or that artwork (*hint hint shop here) and make a dream room first.

Want to paint? or work with ceramics? 

Look up a creative workshop that teaches basic skills in the area you're interested in and schedule it in. 

Want to write? Grab a pen & paper or sit in front of the computer, set the timer for 15minutes and START WRITING

Want to dance? Turn up the music and just dance. 





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