As it's been the case the whole process of writing this booklet (COLLECT CULTIVATE CREATE - - see code below for 50% off) 
I have been, or I got to, experience each stage of the cycle I was writing about on a deeper level. All the flow AND all the struggle with Resistance.#artistlife!

So I had previously talked about the two things to let go in order to allow flow to flow back in - You have to release Guilt & Perfection.

After you've already (FINALLY!) started, 
after you get into that first-brushstroke-on-the-canvas flow,
and then you’ve finally overcome Resistance that inevitably shows up after that first flush of flow…(by releasing Guilt & Perfection)

There are 2 things you need to allow the flow to continue flowing

trust &

Trust in the creative process. 
Trust that you ARE capable and you DO KNOW what you’re doing. 
Trust that when you hold your good intentions in your heart and ask the question: What do I need to do next? — the answer you’re given is the ‘right’ one.

And Patience that the next step may not be THE last step. 
Patience that you may not see the final big picture until much later. 
Patience means keeping the faith that your trust in the process will inevitably lead you to the destination you’re aiming for.

Here is an excerpt sneak peek (still editing!) from the booklet that I felt called to share talking about this:

Sometimes, you’ll have to surrender something you like in create space for something you’ll love. This is a scary and frustrating thing! Many times, I don’t know why I have to cover up a section of a painting that I had JUST previously been ‘instructed’ to work on! And annoyingly, I won’t see the ‘something I love’ until many many steps later. Again, this is where you have to trust. Trust the process and act on the answers you’re given.

The thing about trust is that it requires you to keep trusting all the way. The process doesn’t work if you take that next step forward, and then immediately question the ‘correctness’ of that step. Maybe something happens that looks ‘wrong’ or the picture doesn’t look like what you were hoping for. Or worse, the step you took made it look ‘worse’. 

What if there is no right or wrong step? — only A step that you take which will lead to the next one and the next one. Only by taking a step will the next one be revealed. Who knows — it was ONLY by taking what you thought was a ‘wrong’ step, that the next step COULD BE revealed which leads you to where you ACTUALLY WANT to go!

When you doubt your decision after you’ve ALREADY stepped forward, you just slow your progress. You end up stepping backwards again to ‘try again’ or to ‘try a different way’. That means you stay in the same spot, too scared to step forward. No way of going back. All you have is the messy, incomplete picture in front of you.

You block any progress or new insights that could only be gained from the next step’s perspective. 
Looking backwards in regret because the picture you see before you doesn’t look like what you’re working towards?

You need a little patience! 

Sometimes it doesn’t come together until the very very end. 

So you need to hold the faith and keep moving forward. Questioning your decisions, doubting the step forward you took means you also lose connection to that inner voice that was giving you the answers. 

Losing that connection means you also lose your flow. You lose the creative juice you’ll need to overcome the next hurdle, the next level of Resistance. You lose the ease and JOY to complete what you were working on and that big picture you’re working towards. Yes, you totally could finish the work. But without that flow and JOY? It will be reflected in the work. 

Plus, who wants to only create work that ONLY feels hard and forced and disconnected from yourself, your intentions & creativity?

So now you’re doing that dance - you’ll notice that it starts to slow down… you’re looking at the big picture for longer and longer. The answers to the next steps get smaller and smaller. Soon…you know the flow is slowing down because it’s time for the next stage. 

To listen for that small still voice…


The next stage I'm working on is going to be a fun one. SABOTAGE & knowing when something is finished. 

So…PERFECT because that's what I'll be going through next. 
The finishing part I hope. 

Not the sabotage…

I'll be using (and sharing in the booklet) all the tools and tricks to support me during this time to minimise any self-sabotage that may come up and get the booklet finished!

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Madison Whiteneck