you have one of those days?

Where you were just channeling Wonder Woman and you just flowed through the day KICKING ASS.

All those crossed off items on my to do list. Feels SOOO GOOD.

Juggling errands, house chores AND work projects? DONE

Your skin and hair looking shiny and healthy? HEY THERE GOOD - LOOKIN’

You wanted to buy something and when you went to check it out - IT WAS ON SALE! THANK YOU JESUS!

Also got your 45mins of exercise AND grabbed a green smoothie (ok.. a coffee, you caught me) on the way? DONE & DONE.

I love those days.

You realise just how amazing you are! You CAN do ALL. THE. THINGS

(ok, maybe not ALL the things. But almost all the things - enough to feel like you’re Captain Awesome, and not all like maybe you’re a robot)

The joy you feel when you just get into flow and go along on the ride.

The thing is… *cue ominous music*

These moments are not only something to boost my self-esteem (ok… really my ego)
but it can become a stick to beat myself up with when I'm NOT having one of those days.


ok... breathe

Sometimes you can have TOO MUCH of a good thing. Maybe it’s an upper limit problem. Maybe you’re just a little burnt out. All are possible. There is a lot you can do to help you get out of that funk. 

That’s not what I’m talking about today.

What I’ve been thinking lately, is all the labels, assumptions and stories I hold on to about myself. This season of life I am in. There are limitations I have to embrace. I’ve had to do a lot of inner work to surrender into that embrace.

But you know what?

Sometimes that embrace turns into a death grip on a prison box of THIS IS JUST THE WAY IT IS. 

the embrace of the limitations didn’t bring freedom but more limitations. 

It made me blind to new open doors. Alternate ways of thinking. That sense of joy and flow that I want in my life. That you CAN have both when you surrender to the season of life you are in.

The crowns that I thought I had ‘earnt’ for myself, entitled to even. It can start to feel too tight.
Restrictive and a growing burden on my heavy shoulders. 
When I saw this quote - I realised, actually 

i don’t have to keep wearing it!

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Just because everyone else is patting you on the back about something - if you feel shit about it. 

Take it off.

Just because it’s what everyone else wishes they had and you should be grateful that YOU have it - if you know deep down you feel guilty about not jumping with joy about it?


Someone else’s jealousy isn’t your obligation, nor a great indicator of what will be your joy.

Gratitude is a beautiful thing and something that will bring immense joy into your life as a daily practice.

But if gratitude feels like an obligation, and just another chain that paralyses you?

First, check your attitude - do you just need to be gentle with yourself?

Sometimes it isn’t just a simple change of attitude - sometimes it means you’ll need to find the crown you’re holding on to and TAKE IT OFF.

Whatever your story is - I hope this artwork & quote will be the gentle voice (or even permission) you need to be kind to yourself and follow the joy.

may you find kindness & compassion in yourself, for yourself.

x Brenda

Madison Whiteneck