"TOGETHER WITH GREY Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24" ©2012 Brenda Mangalore/ Sashé Studio"

"TOGETHER WITH GREY Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24" ©2012 Brenda Mangalore/ Sashé Studio"


The last few weeks has been filled with big news & changes. Teaching me that well-laid plans are not a guarantee of control over where life leads you. Mr Mangalore received a job offer interstate last month, so we're on our way! It feels really sudden now as the reality of it all starts to hit me (plus the mountain of boxes in my house!) But! This is in many ways an answer to our prayers. We didn't imagine it would involve an interstate move but I'm grateful for this opportunity for Sunny. I am looking forward to building a home together from scratch for the first time as a married couple. Oh the decorating experiements to be had.... The next few weeks will be filled with very non-fun packing and cleaning, though I am grateful for this forced de-cluttering of possessions. Where did all this stuff come from? You know how sometimes, you daydream of going off for an adventure, but you didn't realise the scary reality of change & pulling up your roots AND being away from everything you are SO use to? I think I'm going to realize all those times in the past I've been pushed outside my comfort zone was just a rehearsal for this.

Despite all these unplanned change to life & home...

The 2012 Art Project is Open!


Being inbetween life stages Inbetween decisions Inbetween the lines Inbetween dreams All the beauty and scary in those shades of grey. I'm learning from this experience that there is SUCH comfort in knowing your place. Spontaneity & adventure is fun & romantic but it's also pretty scary. Not being one or the other. On the otherhand, being in the middle of anticipation & excitement is also an inbetween state. That moment when you're inbetween sleepy dreams & wakefulness is a magical space. I want to explore these ideas and emotions. With the move, I'm more than eager to really paint out these reflections from personal experience in real time. I've been drifting alot into daydreams as I explore these ideas in my head -- inbetween all the packing and clearing out. At the moment, I am learning that being In-Between can be a messy place, but also very cleansing as you let go of somethings and reaffirm your hold on others. You wouldn't be able to do that if you're already on the other side.

So come on over and check out the 2012 Art Project

Or visit the shoppe to go straight to the project packages Make sure you join the Society so you can follow with us through the project & also see how Sydney affects my work. This blog & you guys are my one steady thing I'm holding unto as I ride this huge change adventure. Have a happy Easter break - enjoy all the chocolate for me! I'm trying to resist going to the shops, mainly 'cos I've just learnt that clearing out my wardrobe awakens this Pavlovian urge to go and buy stuff to replenish it. Must. Not. Give. In  

Madison Whiteneck