In all the happenings the last few weeks I've forgotten to mention a huge thank you to those of you who have contributed to the Winter Art Jumpstart

We've reached our target of $2500 in contributions!


I wasn't sure if people would believe in my art

I wasn't sure if people would trust me enough to support me with their wallets while I painted. I've learnt that, I shouldn't take my creativity for granted. People are hungry for beauty + colour in their lives and their spaces. You should surround yourself with art that you love, moves you & gives you joy. I'm honored to be able to be part of that for my 30+ contributors! *WOW

My goal seemed (at the time) like such a stretch - $2500. *WOW again!

I'm grateful I stretched out! We reached the target by the first week of July and to date, we've surpassed it a little (which also helps pay those Paypal fees!). We (the hubby + I) have been surprised & humbled so many times by your generosity and encouragement. The words of support have been as much of a blessing as the funds. Even though there was a few little bumpsalong the road, I am bouyed by all the support to keep painting even on tough days. (Especially when the warm bed is more enticing than the winter chill in the studio) My goal now is to put everything into the (many many) artworks I need to make + all the ones that are dying to be created. Be kind to myself (I may have pushed myself a little too much last couple weeks). Trust my creative process. Have an awesome party to celebrate at the culmination of this incredible journey (more details to come!) Much love to you for being a part of my encouragement circle. xo brenda p.s Some of the options have been removed, but there is still a bit of time left to contribute to the project (the extra funds will go towards making more art and help us throw an amazing exhibition opening night!)

Madison Whiteneck