It's officially Winter and thus begins my Winter Art Jumpstart ProjectIf you're not part of my members list, this would be news to you(sign up here! it's free) The gist of it is, I'm kinda-kickstarting, all out intensely re-committing to creating a body of work during these 90 days. The project is to create 30 paintings (largish) + 10 drawings. Those who wish to help out with my project by contributing much needed funds (for art supplies + coffee & doggy treats for Jelly) could participate and receive gifts in return for their faith in me to take on this mammoth project.If you ARE one of my Winter Project patrons, I would like to once again say a huge THANK YOU! You should see your name on my sidebar and I hope you've signed up to the Winter Project list so you can continue to be updated as I go along this adventure.

It's been just one week since I sent out my little project and I'm pass the half-way mark towards my goal!



So for the launch of this project, I thought I'll share one of my more recent pieces that is aptly titled: Transition. It's about that in-between space, between comfort and change, between fear and desire. It's a fitting image to begin my new project that's equal parts new-intense-changed-mindset-adventure & old-recommitted-path-I'm-already-walking-on.          

Here are a couple work in progress shots (apologies for the iPhone photo quality)


Transition. 20x24inch Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. (click click for a bigger image)


Thanks for all the love & support. xo brenda          

p.s There is still time if you'll like to participate in the Winter Art Jumpstart Project and get some lovely gifts! Find all the details about the project and gifts here.

Madison Whiteneck