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Are you looking for your Muse Mojo?


Are you a muse ?

Muse: /mjuːz/

noun: Someone who is a source of inspiration AND also
open to BE inspired... Someone who is inspired by life & beauty & creativity and wants more of that in the world

Mojo: /ˈməʊdʒəʊ/

noun: Magic, influence or inspired power. The special sauce, the juju that comes from being in flow, being connected to creativity, being joyful & living with purpose

Do you find yourself feeling this sense of DISatisfaction in your life? A whole lot of ‘meh’ and not enough joyful purpose?

Don’t get me wrong, you are totally GRATEFUL and your life is totally FINE…. Yet there is this BUT….

There is this sense that something is missing...

You LOVE your kids — but you’re finding that they don’t need you as much anymore. Whether leaving the nest, starting full time school or just finding yourself coming out of the fog of those early months.

You are tired of only having stories about your kids to share.

Something THEY did, something THEY achieved or learnt or did that was inspired or horrifying.
You had promised yourself that you weren’t going to be the parent that lives through their children!

That thing you’re missing?

It’s the creative spark.

It’s the spark of fulfilment that comes with feeling ON PURPOSE.
It’s the spark of joy that gives life meaning.

You LOVE your kids — but they are NOT your identity (you want to find it or explore it more. Working out who you are in this new chapter)

You want to find YOU again

There is something MORE you are being called to do. You don’t need to be clear about what exactly that is…but you know that it’s there and you can’t ignore it anymore. 

You know that ignoring that call, ignoring that inner voice is actually affecting the way you show up in your mamahood. You give EVERYTHING to your kids — but you need help to give that same love to YOURSELF

And you know that creativity is the seed from which the blossom of your next beautiful chapter will bloom.

Then I invite you to join us as a member inside the Muse MOJO Village


What is a Muse Mojo?

✨A space to find support & inspiration from me, a professional artist (& your fellow Muses!) on living a creative life & cultivating a creative practice. 

Because your creativity is the source of your joy, your fulfilment & the seed for the great work that is calling you. 

⚡️Where you will find accountability to DARE TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP. Because you’re tired of just dreaming and wishing.  You want to start DOING, even in small tiny baby steps. 

✨A source of encouragement when Resistance & Sabotage shows up. Doing it alone doesn’t work! It takes a village to raise a kid - it also takes one to raise the kind of fulfilled woman you want to be. One that is living a life of joyful purpose!

⚡️A Library of resources: To rediscover your creative SPARK, whether you’re stuck in a rut or just out of habit. To cultivate your CALLING & your VOICE so you can do the work you’re inspired to do. To practice living a life of joyful purpose - where connection with your Muse who feeds your Mojo is a lifestyle & identity



💖 Muse Mojo is for you to find customised support

Let us hold space for you in your journey to your next chapter -- using your creativity as the anchor.

When you LOVE your work & life BEYOND your babies, you THRIVE and so does your family.

Whether it’s something you do in-between naps & feeds or something new just for you, whether it’s on the weekends or during your lunch break — it’s your chosen work!



As a Muse — you gain access to a growing library of Creative resources (VALUE $297):

Unlimited Lifetime Access to Creativity booklets on Resistance and Creativity
So you can be equipped, supported and ready for all parts of your creative practice. To make your screens inspired spaces and reminders of your values

Original artwork wallpapers with Inspired Quotes
To serves as beautiful anchors for your self-expression in your home. So you can be both connected to creativity within AND be surrounded by beauty & art in your space

A mini Welcome Consult when you first join to walk you through the resources & discover how to get personalise help!





Access to a VIP support group of creative Muses Just Like You AND Brenda interacts in the private group almost daily
Don't do it alone! Conscious community all striving in the same direction is where the magic is!
(VALUE: $888)

Immediate Access to the Muse ‘Dreaming to Done’ MiniMasterclass
So you can finally start doing that thing you keep saying you want to do
(VALUE: $195)

Immediate Access to Brenda’s signature courses (like my signature Deliberate Doodles Workshop to connect with your mindfulness & creative practice with just a pen and paper.
Creativity Catalyst Club for a simple creativity immersion & harness your creative chaos into a daily habit of purposeful play & creative flow) 
Plus exclusive Muse Mojo trainings & Masterclasses:
Weaving Art with Babies Training

(VALUE $595+)

ALL future Muse Mama workshops for FREE so you can cultivate your creativity in an easy way for your everyday life.
Coming up in 2019: Me Myself & the Muse, Creative Courage + How to make art with your kid Workshop, Resource guides on finding your creative voice & selling your art online plus more!
(VALUE growing with each new resource)

That's a total value of $1999+
Get a taste of what it’s like to be a Member - you can unsubscribe anytime with no hard feelings


Who is MUSE MOJO for?

  • Do you miss that feeling of being on purpose? Having something to focus on that is bigger than you?

  • Do you LOVE your kids but want something MORE? Something beyond the nappies & school runs & sport days. Something that is about YOU

  • Are you feeling the call to do something creative - finding a creative outlet that is just for you?

  • Are you bored with yourself, just scrolling through Facebook instead of being the one making & creating & living out those creative & interesting posts?

  • Do you want to find YOUR flavour of weaving a life of joyful purpose? To find your way to creative FLOW & working with your Resistance.

  • Are you ambitious in your plans? Never happy to just settle with the status quo? Big Dreams is where your goals aim & you know you'll never be happy to just follow "what everyone else is doing"

  • Do you believe that conscious community & connection is how you can inspire & continue to BE inspired even when you feel lost?

  • Are you remembering the times when you had the time and space to explore & find fun? When you could tap into flow and hours would just fly by? AND you want to get back to that sense of play & purpose again?

  • Are you looking to find the YOU inside all the layers of Mama? To find the you that is the amazing, fierce, brilliant & creative woman that you know is inside? Even if all you can see is a tiny flicker of a spark?


If you said YES! to more than one of these...


Muse Mojo is not for you if:

  • You're not open to seeing a different view, not open to change or discomfort that comes from change (because it will!)

  • You're only interested in talking about sleep schedules or dinner menu plan or the latest research about parenting today's youth - there are HEAPS of other mother's groups out there!

  • You're not willing to try new ways to discover yourself, to discover your creativity, to discover your new way of weaving babies & life & art & biz.

  • You're not willing to try old ways with new perspectives

  • You're quick to dismiss why 'it won't work for me' -- always looking out for the 'magic bullet'

  • You're not capable emotionally or mentally to support your fellow Muse Mamas in both their struggle & sunshine. To CHEER & to CONSOLE

  • You're only going to silently lurk in the background, without commenting in the Facebook group or participating in the #DailyPROMPTS or #WeeklyWorkshops

  • You're not willing to give up your story about why it's everyone & life & circumstances fault that you are stuck where you are. Why there is NOTHING you can do to change your life.

  • You believe that doing anything for yourself BEFORE your kids is selfish & evil. That suffering is a neccessary evil. THE way and only way mothers SHOULD do it.

  • Actually anytime SHOULD or MUST or HAVE TOs is used for finding your flavour to weave your life of joy & purpose


Are you looking for a space to cultivate your confidence, creativity & your calling? 

To finding YOUR flavour of weaving biz & babies, work & life?

💖MUSE MOJO is currently open for NEW Muses looking to inspire the world through their own inspired work. 

Join TODAY to LOCK IN CURRENT PRICING before it doubles for the next round.

With a total value of over $1800+