I see it in their eyes... the look of delight to talk art & creativity and colours...we chat more about my creative process...ideas, callings... and they tell me about their love of beauty and inspiration.

and then there it is

the twinkle in their eyes dull just a little as they tell me how they just DON'T DO IT ANYMORE...

the thing they LOVE - painting, drawing, sewing, writing... the creativity they found SO EASY when they were younger but now they don't...

Then, the worse moments are when they visibly harden their jaws a little and say something which basically translate as

'oh well! I guess that's something I live with. it's just what we do isn't it'

Some, I can see would take too much to change that mindset. They have determined THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS.

That creativity is for people like me who are LUCKY to INDULGE in it.

(SOOO not the case! Yes, I AM blessed. But that also denies the commitment & discipline to juggle being a full time mum & freelance work & commission clients while also stepping forward in faith - day after day that I do. Even when its super scary!)

I'm not talking about those people. I smile and nod my head and occasionally I might say: Oh but you can!

Usually I don't. It's not worth the energy to argue with someone who has already decided.

No, I'm talking about those who make similar statements but there is still a little question mark in their sentence.

'Oh Well! what can you do right?!'

But I know they are actually asking: what CAN you do? What can I do?

They're also hoping for some magic words from me! Maybe even the ONE MAGIC TRICK that will help them go from wishing to DOING.


Maybe you're here because you'll LOVE one of my original paintings one day, but deep down it's also because they remind you of the beauty of words or jewellery that you long to write / create.

Maybe you're here because you resonate with my art and creative practice of Chaos & Connection, Intuition & Intentions.

Or the inspired word doodle drawings resonate with your heart values in their simplicity AND complexity.

Because you want to create something that also reflects your heart values in simple ways that speaks to the intricacies of who you are - embroidery? photography? life coaching?

What I would say is:

no lovely, there is no one magic trick.

But that's actually good news!

It means, you get to CHOOSE! You get to choose YOUR magic trick. Or tricks! You can have more than one. YOU choose your path and your way and your art.

What I DO KNOW is this:

You'll need to DECIDE & EMBRACE that you CAN do something with your creativity EVERYDAY.

That's how you invite more creativity and flow and inspiration and all that magic we are chatting about.

You'll need to ACKNOWLEDGE & ACCEPT that your creativity is like a muscle - that needs exercising and being used DAILY.

But do it in simple sustainable ways!

In ways that is more than that ONE BIG PROJECT you're hoping to do. Think of it like showering and eating, make it a habit and something you JUST DO without making it such a HUGE deal.

You'll be in a better position to work on that BIG PROJECT in a consistent and FUN flowy way when your muscles are used often.

Also You'll need to think of your creative practice like a relationship - I like to visualise the Muse as creativity that is outside me.

So I can relate and connect in that way. Also so that when I feel stuck? I can ask her for input, so the pressure isn't ALL ON ME.

Like any relationship, it needs nurturing, attention & focused time. But also, like the best relationships - it's the daily, ordinary connections.

The little touches amongst the busy routines of life and work that makes a close, loving relationship more special. Am I right?

And lastly, I would share this month's Insider Exclusive wallpaper.


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you'll need to remember and believe..

You are capable!

You WILL figure it out

You'll need to BELIEVE + Commit & Connect to and with your creativity

THEN? You'll create that inspired, beautiful life of creativity that the sparkle in your eye is longing for!

x Brenda

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Madison Whiteneck