I'm super excited about this new print in the shop - You can personalized it with the name + birthdate of your Darling baby. I like 'Darling' as a term of endearment for it's old-school charm and it's sweetness for babies + lovers alike.

There are many kid's prints out there that only focuses on the name + birth dates. I wanted to create something that also spoke of the love from the parents. Making it unique to the baby + it's a sophisticated addition for the modern nursery.


Personalized Darling Baby Name Prints Available here.

This print is also the result of many hours I've spent in the studio trying my hand at creating my own lettering. I still love the endless fonts available created by my favourite typography designers. But there is something special about putting my own hand in making a single word into a piece of art. I have missed the joy of typography and the way line and form can make a word visually more expressive. Add my doodle drawings into the mix and you have a Sashé Studio print bursting with Brenda Mangalore specialness! Did I mention I was excited?! 


I loved combining both my love of typography and doodle drawing into a simple piece of art. Now, in the comments below - I'll love to hear from you

Who are the darlings in your life?


Madison Whiteneck