Wanted to share a couple videos I've found which have shaken up + encouraged my inspiration library and creativity


I love the TED talks - there are some incredible ideas and experiences shared freely that opens my mind to new perspectives. Phil Hansen is an artist that developed tremors in his hand, destroying his dream to be an artist - or so he thought. When he 'embrace the shake' he was able to see how limitations opened his world and his art in ways he didn't imagine + how we can apply it to our lives too. Sometimes limitations can be a form of liberation. We should seize the limitation + 'embrace the shake' to really get our creative juices going!

Watch Phil Hansen's talk on the TED website



John is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 21 million books. I love his straightforward way in sharing his expertise and knowledge. I receive his free daily coaching emails with short Minute with Maxwell videos and have enjoyed his quick notes on certain words for the day. (plus he has a beautiful deep voice!) I loved this particular minute on intuition for a simple, yet insightful perspective on what I've always believed. That we're all intuitive, but in different ways!

Watch John Maxwell's talk on Intuition on his websitel.

What do you think ? How has this changed your ideas of your own creativity + intuition?

xo brenda  

Madison Whiteneck