I love the planning and world - domination plotting you do before a new year :) I am a list-maker addict. I love planning, goal setting and dreaming up all the possibilities.

(I know you know how I feel!) To my fellow list-making-planners, I want to share with you two planners to help with your plans & list-making for 2013


Susannah Conway's 2013 Unravelling Workbook (it's free!) I have been reading Susannah's beautiful blog for years now and been using her mini workbook for the last couple years. I found her questions simple but probing and really helped me dig deeper into my desires for the next year without too much overwhelm. Plus each year, her workbook is more elegantly designed. Absolutely sings to my designer-hipster heart :)


Leonie Dawson's 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Workbooks & Planners

Leonie is a fellow aussie + hippy with an incredible half-million dollar business. I admire her prolific work ethic and confidence in her work and the Goddesses she serves (in her words). I bought the combo pack of planners for both Life & Biz. While the artwork isn't really my cup of tea, the workbooks are a lovely blend of manifestation-dreamy vision boarding AND practical planning. I think you need both for a wholesome plan. The questions and exercises she includes are comprehensive & goes into more depth than Susanna's workbook. eg. planning what self-care to remember to do when life gets a bit crazy. It's giving me the detailed planning I crave right now after a year of surprises and flying by the seat of my pants challenges without losing the intuitive introspection.

If you want a wholistic workbook with a distinct planner just for your life (or business) & want to tap into your intuition definitely grab Leonie's Create Your Increadible Year Workbooks(*aff link)

Personally, I suggest you download and go through Sussannah's workbook for a quick and dirty run through - then grab Leonie's workbook for the extra practical planning on how to make it happen with a few extra heart-dream exercises to reflect on to expand your dreams for 2013.

Madison Whiteneck