Embrace began like all my paintings, with a rainbow of colours on my glass palette. (which I took from a broken frame and duct-taped the edges to save my fingers). I love the possibilities from those little globs of colour, especially before I start to get all messy as the painting progresses.


The first few layers are always very raw yet playful. I was clearly loving the long drips with some zealous use of my spray bottle

I sometimes turn my paintings around every so often to change perspectives. Sometimes it's just easier to paint left to right. Sometimes, a new turn could bring out an element I hadn't noticed before. You can see though, that I kept some parts from the very initial layers - not really able to allow them to be covered up.

When it's nearer the finish line, that's usually my favourite + most dreaded part of the process. I have to ruthless in editing rather than adding more elements. Sometimes new parts are added, created only because I was brave enough to fight through the chaos and edit out other elements. (like that pink leaf? it's appearance surprised me too). I find it's easier to use my design + 'arty' compositional skills + experience in partnership with my intuitive, emotional reaction. Together they 'tell me' what to add as final touches to pull the whole painting from chaos to completion. Well, as completed + finished as my part in its story is anyway. 

"EMBRACE Acrylic on canvas 16 x 12inch ©2012 Brenda Mangalore"

"EMBRACE Acrylic on canvas 16 x 12inch ©2012 Brenda Mangalore"


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Madison Whiteneck