How are you?! If you haven't heard, I'm participating in Finders Keepers Market this year so I had been filling my days producing prints, packing and designing our stall display for the Grand Final long weekend. 

In all that busy-ness, I really had a moment to catch my breath and realise all the little steps that led me to this point in my life! 

Both the good and the bad. 

2015 is running fast downhill toward the end of another year and I know I will be spending my birthday month (Oct 25th by the way!) reflecting on all I have learnt, grown and done the past 12 months.  Thus the inspiration for the proverb in this month's wallpaper release. 

for good or bad, it's the little steps, the habits we have in our lives that lead to big things. 

I try to be intentional with setting up good habits, knowing that it will lead me to become the person I hope to be.  The best Artist, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend I can be. 

In my impatience, I wish I could just jump straight to the end and be awesome already! (Am I right?!) 

so i find encouragement (especially when i fail - only human!) that it's the little things that builds up to the big things.

I only need to take a little step in the right direction and keep doing that.

Then one morning, I'm going to realise I'm packing new prints in preparation for a big market that I didn't think I would be 'ready' to do for another 12 months! 

I hope this wallpaper is an encouragement and inspiration for you - what little step do you need to take (or stop taking) today? 



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x Brenda

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Madison Whiteneck