morning moment: {def.} a note of art, thought, or creative prettiness to start the day I wanted to share this poem by Samantha (found via Danielle Laporte -- her SPARK KIT made her one of my heroes.) Like me, she's a list-maker too which means a lot of daydreaming into the future so Samantha's theme for this year was 'To be present' -  she's practicing being present by writing a poem a day. In her words it's to: "... train me to see the world constantly with the eyes of a poet, which means to slow down, savour, take delight in, and note the very essence of the world around me."

to be present

The present paper thin be careful it is dissolving as you read this new moments erupt under your feet fill each one with awareness witness your heart beats can you believe it your body coaxes you onward constantly utter faith that you will spend the offering of life wisely.


My morning routine was a structure to practice 'being present'. This morning I thought I'll also extend Samantha's invitation to create your art (like a poem) or whatever your little 'being present' practice is. You will see the world anew, let it be "revealing shades of the day you would otherwise surely have missed."

Madison Whiteneck