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Last Sunday, a speaker at my church also spoke about surrendering - as a form of giving up our rights - for the benefit of others. This got me thinking about how much I had slowly begun to claim my rights -- the right for a healthy mind & body, the right to sleep in when I'm tired, the right to do what I want especially when it suits me though it isn't convention nor suits others.  All of which is true, I DO have the right.

Taking control of everything.

Unfortunately some of what I'm doing to uphold these rights - like creating habits or ignoring others opinions - has become an easy slide into attempts to take complete control. Control of Every. Single.Thing. When I start to clamor for full control, it's because I'm beginning to feel the fear monsters breathing down my neck, or the doubting voices are just a little too loud to ignore. That's when I also start to distrust my intuition & decisions and my days feel like I'm trying to swim through mud. It's murky and floaty and drowning-ish.

Surrender = freedom + peace

I have to balance all this with surrendering to the process. When I paint, the best & easiest works occur when I surrender to the process. When I get unreasonably upset with myself for not meeting expectations, I have to remember a habit is a tool to help, not a deity to appease. When I trust my instincts and give up trying to control the outcome - I become more open to new stories & discover different & almost counter-intuitiveperspectives. There is more kindness & expansion. More trust to listen to the Spirit & my intuitive voice. There may be less control - but certainly also less fear & anxiety. I may not know what is going to happen next, yet I sense peace in 'knowing' it will be alright. This is the same with people & relationships. When I surrender to the fact that I can't control everything, I can't dictate how & when & what -- I can just focus on the relationship. Not the outcome or the transaction. By giving up my 'rights', I allow the freedom of others to share their view & perspective. Surrender allows space for the generous spirit & helps nurture relationships. I also make room for new stories & experiences I love but would never had dreamt up on my own.

among the nebulous mind

Among the Nebulous Mind continues my exploration of surrendering to my intuition and following my colour instincts. Allowing the process to guide my brush to create moods & emotions. The blue journey isn't usually my immediate colour choice, yet this piece came about from the idea of in-between spaces. The vague notions of serenity & worry. I really love the lack of solid recognizable objects. Similar to that place in our heads when we're alittle floaty but there is depth yet to be explored, both fearful from being anchor-less yet hopeful at the possibilities. There's a touch of zing, like those little flashes of insight, (our minds can be like that sometimes) hazy & clear all at the same time.

What do you see in this painting?

What would you surrender for more freedom & peace?

Madison Whiteneck