morning moment: {def.} a note of art, thought, or creative prettiness to start the day.


I love reading 300words a day (following Jesus) by Jon Swanson. He writes succinctly & with an honesty and perspective I find refreshing. Sometimes the articles are gentle reminders, sometimes he asks questions I will spend days to reflect on. The most recent of which is: What do you want to remember?

Please take a moment to read it. I'll wait for you to finish. As I review my focus on rituals & routines - Jon made me realise I hadn't really thought about the little habits that I'm already doing unconsciously.

“what are the things that i do without thinking, when there is nothing but habit to guide me?

I hope I will still do my morning routine. To touch base with God & my creativity. I hope I'll still pursue a mindful creative life. Painting & living with great design & beautiful art. I hope I'll still find joy in deep conversations. I hope I'll still find comfort in crazy, chaotic dinner catch-ups with family and friends. I hope I will forget about checking facebook, or youtube or my emails. I hope I will forget to watch that must-watch tv show or must-read 'it' book. I hope I forget the feeling of not being good enough to pursue my dream. Now I'm off to work on my heart memory -- store it with the habits I want to remember.

What do you want to remember?

Madison Whiteneck