THE 2 THINGS TO LET GO TO GET TO FLOW when you’ve been stuck in Resistance

I’ve been getting annoyed at how little work I was getting done - half is mum life but honestly, it was mostly Resistance showing up in ways that I, of course, needed to experience again to learn deeper lessons so I can add to my booklet in richer ways.

(So I write this for you at 5am in the morning, but as always, it is a reminder and encouragement for me too!)

These aren’t new — more like rediscoveries. 

Like, of course! Why didn’t I think of this? I already know this!

You just had to remember this feeling, you needed to remember this feeling of stuck AND the joy of release into flow. That’s why. 

The two things to let go:

    • (1) GUILT

You’ve been resisting the Resistance and falling for its lies. Which are really lies you tell yourself. 
So you’ve tried to overcome it by resisting it and forcing your way through

Because you’re superwoman! You CAN when you WILL yourself and DO IT ALL

But remember... Resistance is a gift. And this time is for you to pause and look at the bigger picture. 

You have been trying to do both mum and work at the same time. 

As in literally at the same time. 

I know you multitask’re a mum & it’s the only way to get it all done. 
I know you ARE both mum and biz/creative lady. 
But literally at the same time WHILE you’re stuck in Resistance?

You totally SUCK at both! (When in Resistance)

It’s worse when you know you’re actually pretty decent at both — you know? When you’re NOT in Resistance? 
When the flow is FLOWING?

But you fall for the lie that you should ‘catch up’ by force and doing MORE and then you suck so you feel guilty. 
Cos you suck. 
So you do more and MORE to catch up by force. 
And you suck even more. 

It’s a vicious cycle and no one wins. 

Except Resistance maybe. 

Except...if Resistance is a gift? 
It was here to tell you to pause and look at something. The something here is probably your GUILT. 

Let it go. 

Choose one and do that. It’s not forever. But do your work thing and ONLY have that hat on. 
Only have mum hat on when it’s mum time.

Yes, you may not have chosen that time and it was an interruption to your work time. But if you’re choosing to be interrupted and want to stop the work to go play with your minis?

Only have that ONE hat on. 



    • (2) PERFECTION: 

You’ve released the guilt and started back on the thing you’ve been avoiding. 
Been RESISTING.... but then it’s not flowing easily! It’s not quite the same feeling you remembered from last time?

Or worse, you get interrupted again! And you don’t want the resentment to build. The guilt to come back. 

That’s because you aren’t letting go of PERFECTION. That’s why, when a little flow comes to you and you think ‘this isn’t right!’ 

Or ‘it doesn’t feel easy’ 

you’re the one stopping the flow before it gets a chance to...well, FLOW! 

Sometimes it starts as a little dribble and takes a little while before it becomes a roaring river that engulfs you and you’re in that delicious state of creating furiously (like me writing this with the sunrise because it has to come out!)

Also, sometimes you intend to get back to your writing project
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But mum life and interruptions means, you can’t. But you CAN get back to your painting project. 

It’s not perfect this flow that came. 
You also know that if you allow the trickle, it will soon flow over the rest of your work and life and the writing will get done too. 

Because when the flow FLOWS, your inner superwoman can come out and DO ALL THE THINGS

Plus! Without the guilt, it just leaves room for joy  and you get to bring that joy for your other hats too. You know you’re a better mum when you do!

Remember, You CAN have your big dreams. Dare to take it seriously and take the next step!


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Madison Whiteneck