Hey you
The creative one
The one just quietly sitting at the back

I see the work you’re creating
I see the heart and soul of it

The world may not label it as traditionally creative
But I see you swimming in that creativity juice.

I know you’re creative
I know YOU know you’re creative

You know it. 

well...On your good days

When you read this, you know
Talking to your biz /mindset/life coach, you know
When you hang in your favourite Facebook group with your biz besties, you know
When you’re typing out today’s message to send out & you feel it flow — you know

You feel it as you’re typing that product description for your latest offering
You feel it as you put the finishing touches on that new group coaching workshop
You feel it as you edit the latest interview for your podcast


On the bad days
The days you couldn’t quite get to do your journalling & intention setting
The days you feel just out of step, the rhythm just isn’t grooving as easily
The days you couldn’t get to your morning routine until 2pm

When your kids are randomly just shitty about everything
And you know they are reflecting your Resistance.

When you know you’re avoiding the very thing you were just saying how much you LOVE being able to do JUST YESTERDAY

You don’t FEEL it then.

You do know it… only deep down. Deep deep down a spark still flickers.

I see you
I know you



Your intention is to shine bright
You intention to share love & hope
You know those intentions on your good days ARE GOOD.
Even if today, a bad day, your intentions feels more like a ‘I-hate-everyone-I-only-want-to-binge-watch-Netflix-forever’

When it takes ALL YOUR ENERGY to stop the dam from breaking within and you just YELL at everyone & vomit all the frustration, repressed rage & deep deep fears masked as ‘rational reasoning’. 
Especially at your kids. Whom, of course, are being little shits today.


Remember that Resistance can be a gift

A reminder to reconnect to your spirituality. To yourself.
A reminder to keep shining your light
Keep connecting with your creativity
Keep doing the work you’re called to do

Keep the intentions from good days close
(write them on a sticky note for your bathroom mirror if necessary to help you remember them!)

Keep moving forward. One baby step at a time

Brushstroke by brushstroke, a painting is made
Letter by letter, a book is written
Moment by moment, a relationship is strengthened.

Just as every deep breath, helps you push through contraction by contraction,
To birth your baby
So it is for your big dreams.

i see you

✨i know you

I’m here cheering you on


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To collect the ideas and inspirations that’s calling to you

To cultivate a creative practice that nourishes you

To create the masterpieces that only YOU can bring to life

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Madison Whiteneck