One of my favourite pieces of Ai Wei Wei -- Contemporary Chinese Artist at an exhibition at the NGV along with Andy Warhol. 

Personally, I'm not a fan of Andy Warhol's work - I admire his concepts and ambition but concept artwork are usually hit and miss with me. 

Ai Wei Wei's work was a total hit for me. Loved his thinking and concepts and amazing execution of it too. 

You cannot underestimate the power of a properly and beautifully curated exhibition to help you gain a better insight and overview of an artist's work and story.


Tapping into the tranquil memories of my Bali trip for inspiration. 

Travelling with a toddler has it's issues (another story for another time) but I really loved the abundance of flowers - the patterns and colours. Lots of elements that will very likely make it's way into my artwork.

I don't post alot of selfies - a bit of shyness and just lazyness really.

So this was just a peek behind the scenes - drinking my much needed coffee on my fornightly Friday FUNDAY I'm committed this year to practice (just before my impromptu hairdresser appointment too!)


Nothing like a new hair cut and colour to make me feel PREEETY! (plus like NO filters! Kidding! more like a billion filters but I feel good so that's what counts! And I posted it online like it's something I like totally do everyday - #not) 

Also, Double Trouble - also known as, A trick to cover up ugly selfie arms. 


Attending one of my business mastermind girlfriend's (Yogamona - Life Coach and spiritual mentor + amazing range of yoga gear)first workshop of the year - going through the infamous Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

I've gone through the exercise before, but it was different dedicating a whole day to working through what my desires are for the year & for my life where I am at right now. It was a lovely intimate group that connected quickly over sharing vulnerabilities and laughs. 

The surprise for me? Getting 5 words that will be my anchors to working out my goals, next steps and just set the tone for how I want to live my life. 

 My words are: Blessed. Beautiful. Empowered. Flow. Fulfilled
I do want to talk more about this, remind me to put this on my blogging schedule hey?


At that same workshop above, I randomly met a client that had bought four of my Adopt a Spiral original drawings.

It was such a nice connection, so glad you actually told me Laura! I would have gone home not knowing you were there! Yay for lovely client meetings face to face!


Speaking of Adopt a Spirals - The inspiration behind them came from my sketchbook studies from 2015. 
This time, I'm taking it easy with my 2016 sketchbook studies. #sketchbookstudies2016 << imaginative hastag hey? 

These are little pockets of ideas that will no doubt translate into my paintings.

Plus they are exercises in connecting with my intuition for Adopt a Spiral artwork - adopt your own original drawing because these were created to help you add to your art collection at a super affordable price. 

Assisting Master artist Indigo in my studio today - she is doing her Straight Line series
(I suggested some circles or gestural lines but was shot down pretty quickly)

#howtoentertaintoddlers #toddlerlife 

This kept her busy for a good 45minutes which would have to be some kind of toddler attention span record I reckon!


Loving my new Radical Yes Leopard print shoes! I no longer wear heels - I like the look of them but never felt it worth the effort and pain. So I am rocking the flats and exploring where I can go with that without giving up the beauty. Comfortable AND beautiful shoes forever!

While procrastinating on work at my local library - I took photos of my shoes, even when the the cafe patrons next door were staring. 

Girl's got to update her instagram thank you! 

(I want to say my patchy ankles are thanks to filters -- but I would be lying. Winter and lack of hanging out in the sunshine makes for sad, pale skin! No judgement please!)


I love doing these little mantra words - this lovely client wanted the word Devotion. 

Funnily enough, it's been a word I've been seeing around me lately -maybe a calling to bring more devotion into my life. 

Even in small ways - one of the surprising calls during my practice to be still and listen to that small voice? To devote myself to making my bed every morning.

*roll my eyes* 

Weird I know right? I can't say I'm doing it very well, but there is something to be said about having one small practice of devotion to set the tone for the day. Something about controlling one discipline, one small act that can ripple out into other actions in your life.


Post office day! Sending off another Limited Original drawing for a client in the UK! <3 I love being connected to people around the world by art and beauty (& of course, awesome technology) 
Something about packaging actual old-school snail mail feels extra special as well. 

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