Visiting my painting at my local cafe today & it was such a reminder of my painting (& creative!) practice.


i never know exactly what the end painting is going to look like!

Looking at them hanging on the wall, there were so many sections I LOVE but had no idea was going to end up that way.

The feeling and inspiration was there...the original intention and ideas are there...

But the exact colours? The actual brushstrokes? The ACTUAL OVERALL COMPOSITION?



had no idea it was going to end up like that! 

(that kind of unknown and surrendering to the process is probably the HARDEST & MOST FUN part of my work!!)

So when I was wishing I could JUST KNOW what CREATIVITY CATALYST is going to be about/look like/ experience. I was starting to feel the usual doubts creep in, when starting a new project.

PLEASE God?! What is it EXACTLY?

Um Hi Muse? I get the inspiration & feeling but what will it actually LOOK LIKE?


meaning - please please promise me it will be amazing/perfect.

Sometimes that means I wait and wait and wait for clarity - it doesn't always come.

So the project & inspiration dies.

Sometimes I push and push and demand clarity - and the artwork is nice, but the joy and spark and connection isn't quite there. Plus it makes the whole experience so hard and I start to resent my work!

Sometimes (& I'm learning how to do this better and more frequently) I remember that I only need to know the next step.

Know the intention. 
Follow the inspiration. 
Stay connected.

My paintings ALWAYS go through that process!

I have the 'structure' of the canvas boundaries.

I have the intention and feeling for the artwork I want to paint.

I have (sometimes) the colours I want to use or play with.

Then it's just a matter of stepping forward in faith, following the connection and the next step I CAN see.

Sometimes I still fall back into old habits of wishing I could see ALL THE STEPS and JUST KNOW ALREADY DAMMIT what the end picture will be like.

Which is where the stuck comes in.

Also where I might lose the momentum.

Then I lose touch with the creative connection

And then I lose the consistency with which all creative practice needs to stay in flow.

But that faith to surrender? To release the inner control freak AND inner critic? It's HARD. I know.



That's why I've had to make my process simple and daily. Even in small ordinary ways. 
Even if it's just a mindful awareness to stay connected, to notice inspiration. To act on what one TINY step I can take TODAY.

To keep the flow going. To keep momentum going. 
To keep the idea garden thriving and blossoming.

So I guess what I want to say is, 

what is it in your life that you need to release and trust the creative process? 

I'm all for structure and formulas!
But you're still stuck. OR Avoiding. OR Talking but not DOING...

Do you need to just take that one step you CAN see and embrace the chaos, the lack of KNOWING ALL THE ANSWERS?

Bring some PLAY back into it? Release some of the pressure and give it room to show you the next step? 

You won't be given the next step after that UNTIL you step forward - show that you're ready, have faith and WILLING to keep going.

And step by step you'll find yourself back into flow and a masterpiece will unfold in front of you!

x Brenda


P.S That structure? That creative process of Chaotic Play with Creative Purpose? That's what CREATIVITY CATALYST IS ABOUT! (yes, the more steps forward I took. The trust in the creative process.. The clearer the picture I received of what this club is all about!)

25 day immersion so you get the CONSISTENCY & COMMUNITY because you need both to maintain the CONNECTION to creativity.

And we explore how you can express yourself with your creative practice in life & work & relationships. 
How you can make it a simple part of your day
How you exercise your creative muscles and nurture your idea garden so you know how to get out of STUCK & Resistance when it comes.

Because it does come! It's part of the creative process! (we will explore this in the course!)

And Join Today to save $100!!

I go on maternity leave right after this course so I don't know when I'll run this immersion again - So now is the time! Today is the day!

Madison Whiteneck